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Friday, October 31, 2008

What a Year!

It is only the 31st of October and all I can say,
Is What a Year,
I could feel the change in the air and in me from day one,
I was not sure what the year would truly bring, but based on how I felt,
And the sea changes going on internally, I knew we would be in for something,
I have grown beyond my skin,
Having to take hard looks at myself, my professed values and how I was living,
And knew that cold-turkey changes were afoot,
But also I knew that no matter how hard or painful, I was up to it,
I can honestly say, that walking by faith, and realizing you have to go under,
Before you get over, is the truth,
Now I find myself in a hard won, wonderful place, being true to myself...
I don't have to even say how much change has gone on around us politicially,
The very idea that a Black man could actually be President is stupendous!
And then there is all the topsy-turvyness of the finances and all as we know it,
All I can do is thank God, that I am in my heart and soul where I am today,
Totally unworried about any of it,
Because if this had all happenned at another time in my life,
I would have probably been coocoo for cocoa puffs,
But having gone through the fire in so many ways,
And coming out as iron, I know it ain't nothing,
Also to be on the precipice of being a grandmother,
Lord, I can't even speak to it,
And of a girl-child, Amiri Jameela,
My chest in barely able to control my heart,
Can't wait to hold her close to my heart,
Read to her,
Hum to her,
Talk to her,
Watch her grow...
What a year!!
God is Good!


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