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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


When someone says; ‘But, they…
I know immediately someone’s behavior is going to be excused,
Uncool behavior,
If I had a dollar for every time someone said,
“But he just being a man…”
Come on people, we get from folks what we expect,
And if we expect ‘men’ to cheat, etc. then…well you feel me,
Now for the next one,
I only need a quarter,
‘But they young…’
We excuse a lot of behavior that young people are doing by saying this,
It’s as if though you can do anything you want to,
And chalk it up to being young…
Not so, in my humble opinion,
Because there are just some things folks shouldn’t do no matter the age,
I recall when I was a much younger woman,
I knew this sister, who was dating a really nice man,
He was extremely good to her,
But she treated him rather shoddily,
Knowing how much he loved her,
She was considered a catch, had it going on,
Pretty, fine…hot…
He was just a ‘regular’ brother with a great future,
So many folks would say,
“But, she just young…”
When she would blatantly disrespect him…
I didn’t agree with that then and I don’t agree with it now,
Because the truth is this,
She knew she didn’t love him or want him,
So why play with his feelings, spend his money,
And treat him that way…that don’t have a thing to do with age,
So, of course he wised up,
And lo and behold,
Some thirty years later,
She still remembers him quite fondly,
Wishing that she had been a ‘better younger person’,
Umm hmm, cause Mr. Regular has got it going on with Mrs. Regular,
And Ms. Got it Going on is…
Well you get me,
So the next time,
You see someone you love,
Or have any influence over,
Doing something that is just not right,
Regardless of their age,
At a minimum, hip them to it,
Because whether we like it or not,
That is the role we as elders must sometimes assume,
Let them know that we all have to grow up,
Learning as we go,
But that we are never too young to be decent,
Responsible or just downright,
Good people…

But shoot, what do I know?