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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Writer's Rites...

I have been reading a good deal about how writer's write,
What their rituals are,
And I love reading about them,
I guess I have rituals,
I always write straight into my computer,
I am always writing in my head, and until my memory fades,
That serves me very well,
I forget very few things, to the chagrin of family, friends and foes...smiling...
I also need music when writing, but music is always playing around me,
In my car,
On my laptop at work,
In my head,
Other than that I simply sit down and start writing,
Allowing ideas to unfold, as I type,
When I am tired I get up and walk away,
I have been asked about writer's block,
Not sure I have had it,
However, when a story is going nowhere,
Or sometimes when it is going everywhere,
I will eighty-six it, until a later time,
Some stories I have never come back to,
I knew they probably didn't need to be told,
I have folders and folders and more folders of untold stories,
One thing that inspires me is snippets of conversations,
I love when I can visualize what someone is saying,
Then make it come alive on the page,
One such phrase occurred when I walked past two women talking,
Woman one said, "He left me"
When woman two asked why, she said, 'I cry too much'
Immediately I visualized this man coming home everyday to a wet face...
I could literally see it unfold before my eyes, a large, sad face with leaking eyes,
I literally saw him packing, not feeling good about leaving,
But knowing he wouldn't stay...
Immediately a story was born,
Now whether I will use that in a book or if it becomes a book,
Remains to be seen but I will use it in someway....
That is one of this Writer's Rites...


What Will It All Mean?

We are living in amazing times, politically...
No matter how this all turns out we will have seen so many firsts, yet again...
I have always been intrigued by firsts...
In lesser ways I have done a few first things,
And I never knew how to feel when it was pointed out to me...
Happy because it was me?
Or distressed because it was usually such a simple thing, surely some other Black student, person, woman had done that?
Yesterday it felt particularly poignant, as I sat in a staff meeting, there were twenty +,
There was a tap on the door,
Someone opened it and the Black fedex guy walked in to get the machine signed,
He looked at me, then looked again, my instincts told me he wasn't double taking cause I was cute...
I could see the startled look on his face,
Then it occurred to me,
My goodness, I am the only Black person, or person of color in this room,
Hadn't given it much thought in years,
I am excited by the possibilities,
And the implications,
Last night as we heard the GA returns come in,
One of the talking heads found it intriguing that Senator Obama,
Had not only cleaned up with the Black vote,
But had cleaned up with the Male vote, crossing racial boundaries,
Intriguing times indeed,
I can't wait to see how it all plays out,
And I am waiting with bated breath to see...
What Will It All Mean...


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