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Friday, February 6, 2009

Getting Historical...

Black History Month,
there are so many people who are to be honored this month, those who were famous,
prestigious and trailblazers in their own right...and I honor them all,
I also honor those Black people that made up my history,
Did not do anything that is written anywhere,
But they were there for me and had a remarkable influence on this Black Girl,
My first Heroine, was my mama, Ora Lee Vernon,
Mama was one of the funniest, most honest women on the planet and that sometimes got her,
In a trouble, but, no matter what she stayed true to who she was and was a warrior of the first order...and she loved her some me! Miss you mama,
Then there was my Godmother, Eva Mae Jackson, Ms. Eva,
To me, she lived to be 102 years of age,
And she was there for me always, no matter what,
There were a lot of children who came through her life,
She was the ultimate mentor,
But me she never let go of no matter what,
She taught me so many things and always gave it straight, no chaser,
She was my port in the storm through many dark times,
I can remember walking miles to be near her in my teens,
When I felt there was nowhere else to go...
My Aunt Elouise was known to be mean to many of the cousins,
She did not play,
She never had any children,
But she had many children,
She made the most amazing biscuits and sweet potato pie,
And I can remember when she would line us up and walk us to the black swimming pool,
Or when in the summers she would take us all to the movies,
And we would stop at magnolia bakery and get ice box cookies on the way home,
In her last days,
She and I would have amazing conversations,
She was not mean, she was a strong, stabilizing force that was necessary,
To prepare young Black women for the world...

There were many others that touched me, nurtured me, chastised me, spanked me,
But MOSTLY these three loved me, just as I was in all my oddness,
That is a part of my Black History...


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