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Friday, November 30, 2007

Aggressive or Assertive

Aggressive or Assertive,
In the minds of some the words are synonomous,
However, when I think aggression,
I think of it as a forced strong will or opionion,
Assertive indicates a shared strong will or opinion,
Or maybe it's just what I find palatable,
As is known, I'm an observer,
And in the past few days my observations have led me to view acts of aggression,
Seeing those who don't fully understand the position,
Or didn't even read or hear the whole message before pouncing on and attacking,
On the other hand I have viewed wonderful displays of assertiveness,
Someone listening with an open heart and mind,
Then knowing full well, they had something to offer,
Assertively stating their position with facts to back up,
What was being said,
I am saying this to say,
That just like there being a thin line between love and hate,
There is a thinner line between aggression and assertion,
Just make sure you want to cross the line,
And that you leave enough room to cross back over....

angelia, assertively stating an opionion....grinning....

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fear Factor

No you arent going to see any amazing stunts or death defying tricks,
That's not the kind of fear I'm going to talk about today,
I want to talk about the fear that stops us from being our best selves,
Or the fear of others that can stop us,
First off, I want to thank my mama for being a fearless woman,
Who raised my sister and I to be fearless,
Many people comment on how independent we always were,
Even as young women, when we would take of and do what we needed to do,
Or an many cases wanted to do,
Now, I will not stand here and tell you, I'm never afraid,
That would be a lie,
What I will tell you is that hands down,
I don't allow my fear to stop me or deblitate me,
I embrace that thing and make my fear work for me...
Head high, shoulders square, prayer on my lips and in my heart...
And I absolutely refuse to allow anyone else's fear to get in my way either,
And there are a great many frightened people,
I see so many, who have amazing talents and gifts to share and they are so bound, and ground by fear,
They can't move,
The fear of failure,
Well baby, let me tell you, you will fail, but as I have said on this panel, right here, just fail forward and see it as a learning curve...
Then there is the fear of success,
Fear because as we all know once we do it, it becomes an old thing,
And we have to go out and do something else,
And other folks fears, mama, daddy, sister, brother and them...
Those come from people in your life who for whatever reason,
Haven't tapped into their own potentional and is paralyzed by their fear,
That someone else might do what they have been unable to do,
Please don't allow that to stop you,
When someone says, "You are gettting so brand new."
Smile, thank them, while saying, "My goal is always to renew..."
I know this is so cliche, but there truly is nothing, "To Fear but Fear Itself"


Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This past Sunday, my pastor talked about how we allow our thoughts to rule us, manifesting in negative ways...
He so eloquently said, "A thought is just a thought"
Which caused me to think...he he he
And I have to say, per usual he was dead on...
When I have allowed my thoughts to be negative...
I would see that in my life...
However, once I realized I had absolute power over my thoughts, I was able to see that in my life also...
I can remember twelve years ago,
Sitting in a cafe, thinking about my career choices,
At that time I was a Purchasing Director at a hotel and I was 'hatin' it...
I had spent the past ten years in that arena and was tired of it...
So sitting there I said to the woman sitting next to me...
'I'm going to be a couselor", she looked at me as though I were crazy,
I know she was thinking, 'There is no money in that', considering our current world, which was,
Money, Money, More Money...
And I never let go of that thought, and twelve months and a few courses later, a counselor I was...
The same was true of writing...
Well, I have always been a writer,
But a published writer...
So I sat down, not saying anything to anyone and a writer, I became...
A learning writer, I confess...
But a writer nontheless,
All based on my own thoughts, then my acting upon them and making them happen,
Through faith and work...
Well, I'm thinking again...
And I know these thoughts will once again.
Come to fruition...
It's been proven,
So if you think it, you can be it...

Love and Blessings,

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Trilogy Review

Title: Brown’s Possession . . .A Family’s Progression (Book Three of Black’s Trilogy)
Author: acVernon Menchan
Publisher: M.A.M.M. Productions
Reviewed by: Idrissa Uqdah

It’s All About Love

To say that the books in acVernon Menchan’s trilogy; Black’s Trilogy are about a complicated love story is like saying water is wet. Complicated is the least of it. In these books the author shows the many ways that people love and why. I was intrigued by this story as it unfolded and went from one book to another with anticipation. This review is a three-book review.

The first book; Black’s Obsession introduces us to Malcolm Black, self-made millionaire who has recently returned to his Florida hometown to re-plant his roots and bond with his family. Black believes in giving back to the community and uses his fortune to set up minority-owned businesses and training programs within the Black community where he grew up. He literally re-invents the old neighborhood in the area of housing, business development and recreation. In his personal life; Black was the proverbial “player”, bedding women one after another and never settling down with any of them because of his unrequited love for his childhood friend, Cinnamon. No woman every came close to what he saw in her. The book shows us how a man can continue to love a woman that he has never had access to.

In Cinnamon’s Universe, we meet that woman, Cinnamon DuBois Brown. Cinnamon and Black grew up together and although she was a few years younger, they had many classes together and became good friends. Cinnamon was a beautiful girl and a gifted student who had skipped several grades over the years. She came from an upwardly mobile African American family and Malcolm was intimidated by them because his family’s humble lifestyle was not on the same level. Malcolm not only adored Cinnamon; he worshiped her and but yet, he never revealed his feelings to her. When she finally connected with and married a mutual friend; Malcolm left Florida and moved to New York City, heartbroken and torn. He had lost the love of his life to his friend Brown because he never declared his love for her. Soon after Brown and Cinnamon relocated to Atlanta where they have raised a family, started a business, and become quite successful also. Book Two is about Cinnamon, a woman that everyone loves and admires. Friends and family alike, depend on Cinnamon’s love and attention to make everything right in their world.

When life finds Black, Cinnamon and Brown back in Florida living in their hometown again; the story begins to get complicated. An unusual love triangle develops when Black finds that he can no longer deny the love he feels for Cinnamon. So he comes out and professes his love for his long time friend. Brown had always known about Black’s feelings for his wife but he was never threatened by it because he knew that Cinnamon was a faithful woman who valued her marriage and her family life. But everything is different now. Their children have grown up and Cinnamon has started writing for a magazine and working on her first book. She is asserting herself in new ways and is no longer the doting wife and mother. Brown knows that he has to do something to hold on to his precious Cinnamon. The final book in the trilogy Brown’s Possession . . . a Family’s Progression was just released and it continues the saga just as everything is about to come to a head. They all have to decide whether they can make this work and continue to coexist peacefully as a family.

This trilogy was an incredible read. AcVernon Menchan is a really good writer who writes from the heart. Her prose is fluid; yet down to earth. She tells a great story and has the skills of a good storyteller in the old African American tradition. A griot of sorts, she tells her stories with wisdom and old-fashioned mother wit. The entire three book set is a good investment if you are a reader who enjoys a continuing saga.

Check it out at

Love, Blessings, and Gratitude

Sunday, November 25, 2007


This last book has been the biggest challenge,
Publishing wise that is,
The book practically wrote itself,
My heroine was so easy, because though she is sixteen,
She is more like me than anyone I have written...
Or like I was..
But from the gate,
There has been challenge after challenge,
However, what I have learned is that when one truly ministers,
Tries to get the right message out there,
Challenges abound!!!
So every single time something came up,
I looked up,
And went back to the drawing board,
Because nothing is going to stop the message,
Today I was sitting in church,
And my pastor touched on it, his exact words were,
"Every success you have probably had, true success has come from a trial."
Let the people say Amen!

Love and Blessings,

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday,
All that's required is to spend time giving thanks for the many blessings,
We ALL enjoy,
Most importantly,
I get to 'hang out' with family and friends,
And eating calorie laden food,
Guilt Free,
During the holidays,
I don't give a thought to calories,
There is real butter in stuff,
Like sweet potato pie,
Macaroni and Cheese,
And real ham in the greens,
Umm Umm Umm,
And Football,
My Dallas Cowboys are always playing on that day...
Been a die-hard fan since Tony Dorsett, baby...
Woo Hoo...
And the talk,
Sitting at my aunts house these days,
With folks running in and out,
Usually with a tight belt,
And a plate covered with foil,
While we are all talking trash about everybody,
Usually each other,
It doesnt get much better than that...
Giving Praise and THANKS!

Love and Blessings,

Monday, November 19, 2007

When Love Calls...

When Love calls, you betta answer, cause it might be a big mistake, if you decide to hesitate...
Yup, more song lyrics,
But this time I'm not talking romantic love, family love, no kind of people love,
Mother is talking about the kind of love for what you do,
In my case it's writing,
Reading, I love the written word,
Always have...
But I looooooooooooooove writing,
I've done a lot of stuff but nothing fills me all the way up,
Heart and Soul, like writing...
When I'm alone, writing is company,
When sad, it makes me glad,
When mad, it calms me down...
I feel that everyone needs that,
I remember when my kids were growing up and all the infomercials said,
'Find their anti-drug'
For my eldest it was art supplies,
Give him pens and pads and he would do caricatures for hours,
For my youngest it was music, his room was filled with keyboards,
Drums, mikes and turntables, but his happiest moments were sitting
In a corner with one of those marbled black and white notebooks, writing song lyrics,
His room and at home is filled with them,
My heart breaks when someone says they don't know what to do with themselves,
I instantly know that love hasn't called,
Or they haven't listened,
If that inner voice is guiding you to do something,
Do it,
No matter how insignificant it may seem,
Or how unimpressed someone else may be,
If it makes your heart pump faster,
Make you smile,
Cry, think, dance or move you in any way,
That is that Love Thang...


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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Be Blessed..

Be Blessed...
Don't live life in distress...
That is the song by Yolanda Adams that plays on my cell phone...
I believe that,
We should realize that we be blessed, (this former Ed major knows that is grammatically incorrect)
But Hey...
So I say,
We must realize,
That we be blessed,
And can't live life in distress,
Because that muddles up the blessings,
Trust me on this one...
The biggest way to mess up our blessings,
Is with our mindsets,
Allowing people to get in our heads...
We have to know about the aforementioned,
Wallking by faith and not by sight,
And stand in the space where we can reap,
What we have sown,
Not allowing those who know our mess,
To cause us stress,
Because we know that,
Our blessings are based on who we are,
And not what we do,
Or what we have done,
Or where we have been...
So I will say again,
Be Blessed....

Love and Blessings,

Friday, November 16, 2007

What's A Sister to Do...

When women talk,
I listen,
So many of my sisters, beg the question...
What's a Sister to Do?
I'm telling you women got it going on these days,
Like nobody's business,
But in so many ways they are stuck between a rock,
And a hard place,
Wait, hold up, many these days can't get to a hard place...
If you are following me,
There are a lot of lonely sisters,
And it's hard to say why...
The one bug-a-boo...
Seems to be the aforementioned.
Sisters got it going on...
And that seems to be a problem...
A big problem,
For a lot of brothers and even other sisters,
If she is successful,
Can easily support herself,
How does she tread the murky waters between,
How much she is worth,
And how much she should be worth...
Does she pretend her accomplishments are nothing,
In order to get that love in her life,
That she is finally willing to admit she wants,
Or does she continue to act like she doesn't want it,
Surrounding herself with accomplishments,
And personal purchases,

When I have these conversations with my sisters,
I am stumped,
Because it all leads back to the 'having it all syndrome'
And as I have said here, having it all usually doesn't occur,
All at once,
It is a long-haul project,
Rife with waiting, patience and prioritizing,
But even when that occurs,
As so many sisters tell me,
There really, still is no proverbial, 'pot of gold'...
The question, is still,
"What's A Sister to Do?"

Love and Blessings,

Thursday, November 15, 2007

You Just Never Know...

You just never know who is going to come through your life,
Or in what package they will come...
That my friends is why an open heart and mind are a necessity,
There has been too many times in recent history, very recent history,
Where I was sitting down, minding my own business and someone would just appear in my life...
I have this really weird philosophy and it's this,
When I meet you,
I automatically give you an A, 100 points,
Now it is up to you to keep that grade,
Or deduct from it at will...
So when I meet someone, I keep,
My mind and heart open,
Now don't think this means I go in blind,
No, not at all,
But I am willing to see what is up,
Because one never knows,
And I am here to tell you that in this writing game,
Especially now,
I have met some gems,
Someone read my blog,
Or I posted on theirs,
They came to a festival or a booksigning where I was,
And picked up a flyer,
Then one day,
I look up and they have done some amazingly gracious thing,
Told friends about my work,
Suggested my name to a bookclub,
And when I am touched most is those times when I feel things didn't go well...
Then the next thing I know as a result of that, things are going awesome...
That is what walking by faith and not by sight is all about...
Take my word for it...
So sometime if you are standing in Target or sitting on the bus,
Or reading a newspaper in a park and someone says hello,
Say hi back,
You just never know,
What that person can bring to your life, or you to theirs,
At a minimum it could simply be a smile...
And that's always good...

Love and Blessings,

Available December 1, 2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I dreamed about my mama last night, this was our conversation,
“Angel, you showed us all…”
‘Showed you all what?’
“How to own yourself…”
‘Not really, I wasn’t doing that at all. I was simply living my life the way I wanted to, because I saw so many of you trying to do it all, all at one time and that didn’t work for me. I knew I had to be a bit more methodical and patient.’
‘Well, you did. We talk about you all the time.”
‘Who does?’
“All of us. We were all so sure we knew the answers for all of you. We thought if you would only do what we said, how we said it, then your life would be perfect. Most of them tried to do it our way and made royal messes of their lives. But you always went your own way and did your own thing and look at you now.”
‘Well, it ain’t all that special. I simply have a personality quirk that wouldn’t allow me to try to be like anyone else. However, I want you to know that I admire and looked up to all of you and what you stood for. Those who went before me certainly paved the way. Especially you, mama you never really tried to make me be anything. You simply loved me and were proud of me even when I was goofy. It’s just that God made me unable to allow any voice to lead me except the one he gave me. And the one thing I have always understood is that I don’t really have the ability to make anything happen, but if I’m faithful and patient I can allow everything to happen.’
“My child my Angel, that is exactly what I mean.”
“It’s just the beginning…”
‘I know…’

Love and Blessings,

Available December 1, 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who's Idea of Woman?

Hey Family,
this morning I am going to ramble and rant,
One of my pet peeves is how narrowly we choose to define a WOMAN,
This weekend at my booksigning, a brother who had read half of my second book raised his hand saying,
"In my mind, I could only see Cinnamon as naked at the stove." Hmm
You could hear the rumble in the crowd as many sisters took exception to that,
They had read the whole book and the other books in many cases,
However, a quiet sister in the back said,
"I agree with him, she wasn't an astute woman at all."
Okay, wasn't sure how much she had read but she didnt know the lady either...
My thing is this,,,
A woman can be whatever and however she chooses to be,
Hard-nosed, take no prisoners professional,
Who does it all for herself, she will get no argument from me,
She can stay at home raising uber kids, cooking filet and baking brownies,
And meet her man in the door in mules and a negligee, still okay with me...
In my mind, no one gets to decide what defines a woman,
As women we get to change whenever we want to, in any way that we want to...
I have been a business woman since I was fourteen years old,
Sold book reports, term papers, had a job on the weekend and was the candied-apple, making and selling queen, money in da bank, ya'll...
However, I loved dressing up on the weekends and dancing for hours with my friends,
The same has been true of my adult life,
I have a career,
And the respect of my peers and co-workers,
While maintaining a couple of small businesses,
But I love my man,
And there are days when I come home and cook him a great meal,
Because I want to,
And will serve him at the table and on the table, winking....
And will apologize to no one for being any of those,
Or all of those,
Because all I am is a woman by defintion,
Who knows what works for me,
And mine,
I will allow all people to do what works for them,
And expect the same from others,
Know this, a woman can be PAMPERED and POWERFUL,
Don't be fooled...

Love and Blessings,

Monday, November 12, 2007


This weekend was the perfect transition, I was wrapping up the acVernon Menchan tour at home. I explained to the packed room what I was doing, where I was going and why. It felt so right in front of the hometown. We enjoyed music, food and then the book discussion, whew...
It was so amazing to hear people's opinion's on my work. Particularly interesting was to see how everyone sees it so differently and what they take from it. The woman's opionion, the man's opinion, what turns people off in reading, what turns them on...and most importantly the honesty...I thrive on that and feel that every author should get the opportunity to meet her audience in such a setting. Nothing about the writing game feels like that. Even, when the reader does not agree with what you have done and how you have done it. I loved it...Thanks P.R.I.D.E. BookClub for bringing me back as your anniversary author, after having as a part of your celebrating author lineup last year, Felice you are a dynamo. And thanks to the bookclub members for participation, my sisters who joined me, Cynthia, Elvina, Marcia and bringing others with you. Thanks Cynthia from KUDOS bookclub for trekking many miles to see me again and just thanks to all for the love and support. Most importantly, thanks to my man for always being there for and with me, this is a partnership for real.
Love and Blessings,

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Ain't Missing Her at All...

Well ya'll,
After tonight,
I will be acVernon Menchan, no longer,
Angelia Vernon Menchan,
Has kicked her out and plans to take over from here,
She served me well,
Allowed me to have a voice,
But when time to unrobe,
Step out on faith,
No more hiding in plain sight will be allowed,
Everything I write,
And publish,
Will be as Me...
Just Me...
I am so ready...
Join me why don't you,

Love and Blessings,
Angelia Vernon Menchan

Debuting, December 1, 2007

Friday, November 9, 2007

Picking My Battles...

I have always carefully picked my battles,
Every fight isn't worth getting involved in,
My motto is make sure if you get involved in the war it is a battlefield,
You are willing to die on...
Talking to a few people this week in passing,
I was astonished how much mess folks can care about or be involved in,
I have a very short attention span for stuff,
I was talking to someone and they were rattling on about someone's business,
And I had to jerk myself to attention,
Because for the life of me I couldn't stay engaged,
The only reason I didn't stop listening altogether is because I cared about the talker,
I can remember as a young girl,
How folks would gather around fight,
Not this sister,
I kept it moving,
Or the way in later years, folks would get together to decide they were going to 'advise'
Leave me out of that...
If that person wants or needs to talk to me,
They know where to find me,
Or if I am real concerned, I will seek them out and do a one-on-one,
I see that same trend in a lot of online groups,
No one has very much to say about books, or writing, or uplifting,
But let a controversial topic come along,
And honey the threads will run for days,
I guess that is why we rubberneck at car crashes,
I don't even know,
What I do know is that unless it is something,
That means something to me,
Or I am really touched by,
Or can actually do something about,
I will stay quiet,
When I go to war, I want it to be a worthy battle...


Thursday, November 8, 2007

On the Precipice...

The first definition for precipice in Webster is; a very steep or hanging place or on the brink...
And that is where I am, have been there before, am there again,
With my writing and my new book, I am at a very steep and hanging place and on the brink of doing what I came into this writing game to do...
Why did it take five books?
It was supposed to...
Why was I so hard headed when people told me what to do,
Because I knew it wasn't time yet,
And that the slow and steady stays in the race until the end,
And is not breathless when they get there,
My best thinking is at five-thirty in the morning as I drive across the bridge,
It is dark and the St. Johns River is peaceful, and the stars and lights are twinkling,
This morning I thought about all of the absolutely amazing things that happened around me in the past month,
With no real effort on my part, other than to have written books that made people talk, think, laugh, get mad and wonder...
The support, the wonderful people, new and unexpected readers... has been awesome,
And is what has propelled me to the precipice,
So I am going to pray, let go and jump!!!

Cinnamon's Universe:

The discussion this weekend, sponsored by
P.R.I.D.E BookClub of Jacksonville, Florida
Dinner, Discussion and Fun with
acVernon Menchan...See You There!
November 10, 2007 5:00 pm

Love and Blessings,

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I Just Can't Help It...

Right here on this page,
I told the world I would not write again for a year,
Maybe I should have said,
I won't publish again for a year,
And this morning, I think that is a stretch...
Stories jump inside my soul,
And won't leave me alone until they are told,
And mentally,
I have already written several chapters,
It is set-up and writing itself,
I even have a title,
My main character is fortyish,
At a spiritual crossroads,
Has lived her life,
On her own terms,
Or so she thought,
But through so many changes,
Mostly growing,
Wising up,
A change is in the offing,
So look for 'Schae's Story'...
In the future...

I Just Can't Help It!

Available December 1, 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's Calling...

Last week I was driving back from lunch,
All I wanted to focus on was my Jerk chicken and Acai tea,
But as is the case almost daily, my calling intervened,
Everyone knows how I feel about my girls,
Just wrote a book honoring them,
I know the little I do is not enough,
And that my calling is to do more,
I have a plan that is in full action,
I was driving along and there was this group of young people,
Strolling along, they were near DANIEL, an organization that is about the empowerment of adolescents,'
There were probably twenty kids and a few of the workers,
This one girl was in my line of vision,
Short, ebony, lovely and walking sassily,
Already knew at fifteen or so that her body was something to behold,
Behind her was several young men,
Calling out to her,
Ahead was several other students,
She walked alone, rolling her hips,
I slowed down, never taking my eyes off her,
She looked at me, then looked again,
Something in my eye told her I was watching her,
Almost immediately her stroll changed,
Her roll slowed,
She knew that I knew...
I didn't stop that day...
But I knew right then the day was coming,
Because I am past the time when I can deny my calling,
Or compartmentalize it into weekly conversations,
My young sisters need me...

Love and Blessings,
Available December 1, 2007

Monday, November 5, 2007


We hear so much about how selfish people are,
And to some extent that is true,
But there are a great many selfless people out there,
Particularly in this literary arena I am now calling home,
Just this morning, I went by Gwyneth's blog and there she was promoting a new author.
What a lovely thing to do,
And so many people have been gracious to me,
Supporting my work and my blog with no agenda,
Thanks Yasmin, my APOOO sister,
Lady Idrissa Ugdah, for loving my work and never once wavering on talking about it, and
I was gliding through cyberspace and I stopped by RAWSISTAZ,
and there was a lovely review about my amazon short story,
Had no idea it would be there,
There are so many who online,
I can't name them all here without forgetting someone,
and offline have showed so much love
And support for me and so many others and in this day of so-called,
MyFamily, Friends, Sistahs! and communities,
MUCH LOVE to those who are SELFLESSLY supporting the people...

Love and Blessings,

Friday, November 2, 2007

How you know?

How you know?
I have asked that question more than a few times this week,
As I told you Black, Cinnamon and Brown have generated conversations this week,
And what people want to talk about more than anything, is how can Brown co-sign on Cinnamon's madness for Black... smiling...
Trying to explain it has been a blast...
They are just struggling with him 'allowing' her to do her thang,
Anyone who knows Cinnamon knows she is not being 'allowed' to do anything...
But I am going to say again, that relationships that WORK are the most complex,
things in the world,
I remember years ago I was volunteering at a community service organization,
There was this young man, soldier, who had a wife who had a reputation,
She was the talk of the post,
But when I saw him with her he always had love filled eyes and looked upon her with pride,
I like most, who I was in my twenties at the time,
Thought, 'How in the world can he be that happy, when she is like that.'
One day I found out, he was in the office with one of the counselors and I was in the office next door, I heard him say,
'I know what and who she is and what she does, but what I want ya'll to know is that is my woman, my wife and regardless of what she does, she belongs to me, so don't feel bad for me or for her, what we have works for us, and if it needs to change, God and time will change it.'
That blew my mind and made me look at things from a different perspective,
I had to come to the conclusion at my young age,
That other folks business,
Is just that, other folks business,
And if they like it, I love it,
And nowadays, I will damn sure write about it,
And give my readers, SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT!!

Love and Blessings,

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Finding the "Pretty"...

There is an ongoing joke in my family,
They have teased me for years about trying to find 'the pretty'...
What they mean is when my kids were young they were not allowed to say someone was ugly,
I would always tell them to find the pretty,
Everyone has something,
Nice hair, eyes, teeth, skin, something...
My husband and I would also have that conversation,
I would say someone was cute and he would roll his eyes,
So today we joke and laugh about it...
I still feel that way though,
Mostly, the pretty is in the spirit,
I recall years ago working in Germany,
I had this co-worker who was tall, dark and handsome,
Women flocked in just to see and flirt with him,
He smiled and flirted back, but all he ever talked about was his wife, back in the states,
We all assumed she had to be drop-dead gorgeous,
When I met her...
I immediately started looking for the pretty,
Even I was having a hard time,
But within that day I knew she was beautiful,
Her spirit and heart was so open,
And the way she treated him was something to see,
The way she treated us was amazing,
Glancing at him I could see that he was looking at her through love's eyes,
And to him she was gorgeous,
I remember him telling me that when he was with her,
He felt like a man,
He didn't have to say another word, I totally understood that...
Over twenty-six years and I have never forgotten it,
This morning I was driving across the bridge thinking about laughing and talking with my sishtahs,
Last night,
And how lovely they are, all aging beautifully,
Holding it down,
Mostly what makes them beautiful though,
Is their laughter, we were giggling like teenagers,
And their spirits,
And that made me remember that couple,
It's out there,
We simply have to be open to looking for the 'PRETTY'