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Angelia Vernon Menchan is an author, publisher and public speaker who owns two publishing companies, MAMM Productions and Honorable Menchan Media. Mrs. Menchan is also a Budget Officer and former Job Corps Counselor. To date she has published twenty-three books of her own work, both fiction and non-fiction and more than eighty ebook novellas on You can access her bibliography on search words: Angelia Vernon Menchan

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Maybe Baby and Maybe Tonight by Kimberly Golden

“Copenhagen Cryo.”
“What?” Long lines of sweat trailed down my face and neck.
“The clinic Uma uses for super sperm.” Eddy was still jogging in place, waiting for me to catch my breath.
“I wish you wouldn’t call it that.” I gasped and used my already damp sleeve to wipe my face.
Eddy bumped my sweaty shoulder with hers and grinned. “You have to admit—it must be pretty good sperm if she’s gone back so many times.”
“Yeah, well you’ve got a point there.”
“Proof is in the pudding.” She loosened her armband and slid her iPhone from the sleeve. She tapped the screen a few times and then handed her phone to me. “Check him out.”
The face staring back at me was ruggedly handsome, with the square jaw and cheekbones of a young Viggo Mortensen. His lips were full and generous, curled into a knowing smile. He was looking directly into the camera, and there was something almost too candid in his pale blue eyes, like he knew what you were thinking and was game for whatever you suggested.
“Wow,” was the only word I could breathe out. I swallowed hard and quickly handed Eddy’s phone back to her.
“Wow, indeed,” Eddy said and laughed lightly. “Uma says he’s worth every penny she pays. Well, you’ve seen her kids. They’re gorgeous.”
“And she found him in Copenhagen?”
Eddy nodded. “He’s one of the donors at Copenhagen Cryo.”
I shook my head in wonder. No wonder Uma kept going back for more. Sure there was nothing sexual going on between them, but there must have been some spark that made her decide he was the right donor for her.
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Maybe Baby/Maybe Tonight

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Reeducation of Aria Jackson

Butterflies filled Aria's stomach as she strolled into the Chamber of Commerce meeting. She was thrilled she had been chosen to attend to represent her bank. She wanted to be known as a serious financier and being the delegate from the bank would lead in that direction, she hoped. She had dressed carefully in a fitted grey suit and shoes in a darker smoke color. 

Saul saw her when she strolled in with her head held high and her curly hair restrained in a nice chignon. He smiled at the serious look on her face as she made her way to a table near the front. 

'She needs to relax and enjoy her blessings.' He thought. 'She is wound so tight, trying to impress people who could care less.' They sat through several speakers before he was called to speak. Her head jerked at the mention of his name. She took in his black jeans and beautiful white shirt. 

"Hello members. I am thrilled to introduce someone you all have heard of and will hear more from. Ladies and gentleman, here is Saul Rathbone, the founder of Let's Own Ours." Marly Waverley, the chamber president simpered, making a point of touching his arm. She flipped her blonde tresses as she left the stage. 

"Good morning, I won't take much of your time; I simply want to thank those who invested in my dream. Due to your largesse we will be able to open a new center for after school activities near the homes I own and for that I'm grateful and more than stoked. Also, I would like to recognize Aria Jackson, Bank of Central Florida's newest branch manager. Let's support our own. Please stand Aria." She stood, doing a little wave. The audience applauded loudly as he strode from the stage. 

There were several other speakers before the session ended. Saul was waiting for her near the entrance. He was smiling and she wanted to slap the smug look from his face. 

"Big leagues baby..." He said. 

"Saul, you take too much on yourself." Mock shock covered Saul's face. 

"What did I do now Aria? I know how important being recognized is and I introduced you. I didn't say you were from the bottom or anything."

"Everything is a joke with you Saul." Moving closer to her, he lowered his voice. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015


She regarded him silently for a moment, gazing into his dark brown eyes and watching a smile curve his lips. “I think that it would be. You don’t know me very well. I’ve had too many heartbreaks, and I’m in a vulnerable state right now where I may be incapable of making good choices. I don’t ever want to end up where I am right now—in this same place—again. For God’s sake, my last boyfriend was married, and I had absolutely no idea. How could I not have known? Other people were able to see the red flags, but I didn’t see a thing.”
“I hear what you’re saying, and I understand, but you can’t live the rest of your life that way. You can’t shield yourself from getting to know someone and never open yourself up to love again because of your past relationships.” He sipped water from the glass in front of him. His eyes were fixed on hers.
He stood and came around to her side of the booth, sat next to her, and reached for her hand, taking it into his and intertwining their fingers. He slowly lifted her hand to his mouth and gently pressed his lips to the back of it. Feeling his warm breath against the skin of her hand made her tremble. “I promise you that if you give me a chance, you won’t need to worry about anything. You will see no red flags when it comes to me. I have no secrets and no hidden agenda,” he said softly, lips brushing against her hand again. He lifted his eyes, looking her straight in the face.
Damn. He’s making this difficult. She couldn’t think clearly. Her senses had been heightened by his sensual touch, his silky smooth dark skin, and his masculine musk mixed with the spicy cologne he wore. She had to stop herself from being drawn in by this magnetic force that threatened to take her over mentally and physically.
He tipped her head up with his finger and lowered his mouth onto hers, brushing his lips against hers, teasing her, barely touching them at first. Then he whispered against her lips, “Please give me”— soft kiss—“a chance.”
Linda had to admit that she wanted Sean. There was something about him that stirred her soul. But was she willing to throw caution to the wind as she had done in the past? When she thought about it, she had always jumped from one relationship to another without giving herself a break in between. Maybe that was the problem. Was she codependent? Did she need to be in a relationship in order to feel whole? She needed some distance from Sean to find out more about who she was and what she wanted for herself in life.
It took every bit of her self-control and willpower to pull away from his kiss. She breathed in deeply. She knew she needed to say what she didn’t want to say. She mentally prepared herself to resist what she knew would be another attempt from him to pursue the idea of them being in a relationship. She slid a few inches away from him in an effort to prevent any further temptation, and she watched his shoulders droop.

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Dalia grew up in Queens, New York and now makes her home in Northern Virginia outside of Washington, D.C.  Her debut Mirrored reached the Top 100 Bestseller’s list in Women’s Detective Fiction.  She is a voracious reader who enjoys writing fiction stories with a mixture of mystery, suspense, and romance.  When she isn’t crafting suspense romance, she enjoys reading, attending live music concerts, and visiting wineries. 

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