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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just Chill

There are a lot of serious things going on in the world, poverty, racism, wars, you get me...
But there are some things we simply need to chill on,
Mainly other folks business,
I am amazed by how many people feel they can tell someone what to wear,
How to style their hair,
What to eat,
What to read,
You feel me,
Too many people are all up in other folks business,
Like it's a book and they wrote it,
Just Chill~
Accept that it aint that deep and if it is,
It isnt about you~
I am amazed and flabbergasted, yes I am once again flabbergasted,
By how wrapped around the axle people become about small stuff,
Last week I was talking to someone who was literally losing sleep over something going on in a celebrity's life,
Now how is your lack of rest going to help~
Child get some rest,
And tomorrow you may see it differently,
Or parents who pace the floor at night,
While their children who live miles and miles away,
Are doing their own things, living their own lives,
Are living la vida loca,
Stop it already and cover them in prayer,
And Chill,
Loved ones we are going to have to focus on those things we can do something about and remember that most of it dont have a zipped, dang thang to do with us anyway,
Mostly, we will have to pray and leave it to GOD, who can take care of all of it~