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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I am always fascinated by how people, namely MY people, dissassociate themselves from each other,
You can always tell when one of us has 'embarrassed' the other, we can't wait to say,
"I'm not like them, or I don't know anyone like that..." PLEASE...
We all know people from all walks of life, you can't be alive or in a family or have ever been,
Anywhere and not know folks who have committed crimes,
Had a substance abuse problems, or just simply can't get it together,
We all do,
Now whether we choose to acknowledge them, talk to them, associate with them,
Or even speak to them, is something else altogether,
My thing is this, if you are up to no good,
Do not expect me to roll with you, I am not hopping in your car, if I know you riding dirty,
Not coming to your crib if nefarious activities are going on,
Will not condone not paying child support or cosign on your madness,
But if I know you, I know you and if you run into me, we will speak, talk, associate,
What brings this to mind is a couple weeks ago, I ran into Josephine,
She and I were in first grade together, she was one of thirteen children,
And did not have much, she struggled academically and quit school early,
In the years, MANY years since then, she has had problems, legacy stuff,
However, every now and then I run into her, she makes a point of hugging me,
We always chat it up, she tells me about her life, kids, grandkids, et al, I listen,
Tell her about my sons, we chill, before parting, she makes a point of introducing me to everyone,
Lauding me for 'keeping it real' and never forgetting my people, while disparaging those,
Who have, I usually smile with a bit of embarrassment at the absurdity of it all...
After all we are both pumping red blood in our veins and have to face what each day brings,
But I get it, because she knows that 'her girl' will never diss her,
Because she remembers, and knows, that but for the Grace...
Once, Malik, was with me, he was about 16, after we walked away,
He said, 'Mama, I like that, you got street cred...'
I winked at him, saying,
'Not really, these streets are where I am from, it's home, I'm simply a home girl'...

Love and Blessings!
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