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Monday, July 14, 2008

Confidentially Speaking?

Assuming someone is of like mind and interests is a huge leap of faith,
I have seen relationships fail miserably because of that assumption,’
No two people see eye to eye on everything, and in the right context,
Opposites is a beautiful thing,
That brings me to the knowing who to trust thing,
Many people claim ‘friendships’ and immediately start trusting,
Assuming that because a person has befriended them, they are of like minds,
Usually the person does not find out otherwise, until something goes wrong, very wrong,
One of those deal breakers is having a confidence compromised,
In this day of emails, text messages and instant messages,
Way too many people are sending stuff to ‘friends’,
Assuming that they aren’t going to ‘tell’ anyone,
What they had better know is the best way to keep something secret,
Totally secret, is to never tell it,
Because what happens is a friend tells a friend, who tells a friend, and if in that chain,
Someone ain’t your friend,
Are you following me yet?
I had a funny experience about a year ago,
Someone I conversed with online,
Sent an email to someone asking them what they thought of me,
Unfortunately they sent it to someone who felt the need to send it to me,
My response was to ignore it, not discussing with either person,
But taking it for what is was worth,
Because what I know for sure,
Is that anyone who does unto someone else,
Has the potential to do unto me,
So my take on is this,
Unless one is absolutely, unequivocally sure about the other person’s loyalty,
Don’t put it out there like that,
It is one thing to dispute what someone said you said,
It is something else altogether to deny what is written,
And saved!
This one is free!

Love You Madly!