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Friday, January 9, 2009

Don't Engage the Madness!

One of the hardest things for people to do, seemingly, is to let someone have the last word,
I was guilty of that for years, If someone said something, you had better believe I was going to come up with some, laser sharp response, it became my defense mechanism, slay 'em with words...
And I can still do it when necessary, and alas, both my sons have inherited my mind and my way with words....yes, the fruit, don't fall far...I know, I know...
But what saves me and keeps me sane these day, and also allows my casualty list to stay low...:}
Is my ability to not engage the just walk on by,
I was talking to a co-worker the other day and he said, he had never met anyone who was so removed,
I told him that it wasn't that I was removed, it was simply that I didn't have time to get bound up, in endless conversations about stuff that never changes or is alway negative, just can't and won't do it...
I told him that how people see me or feel about me is going to be the same, either way,
So rather than be the so and so who gets in needless exchanges, I have chosen to be the so and so,
Who minds her own business and keeps on walking...he laughed for several minutes...but he knew what I meant,

I had to remind one of my sons of this the other day, he has moved on, and is enjoying a blessed life, but there are folks who are struggling with his choices, and as such want to engage him in foolishness....after allowing him to vent, I told him to not say another word to the person, don't feel as though he had to show or prove anything...and as the kids say, Let Your Haters be Your Congratulators and to say nothing to a brick wall because it will still be a brick wall...
I know he wanted to wage war, but he listened to his mother, because there is too much good work to be done to engage the madness....Way too Much!

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