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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Had a wonderful day yesterday, celebrated 32 years married to my love…and this morning that made me start to think, think about how quickly we walk away, quit, stop speaking…and this isn’t about marriage at all but life. I rolled around all the people I know who walk away or quit something the minute it doesn’t go their way…they are so out of there, it is as if people don’t even know that sometimes you have to just be still and stay in place to have things happen…

If I had a tickle for every time someone told me they had quit a job or walked away because something hadn’t gone their way, and for no real good reason. A few years ago someone came to work for me temporarily and she was a hard worker. Thinking about hiring her permanently I asked her what happened with a previous job, she told me, “They said something I didn’t like and I cussed them out and quit. I don’t allow people to disrespect me.” I asked, “how?” She told me quite confidently that they were taking up money for something and when she didn’t give, she was asked why and she got mad and left. I understood not appreciating being asked about your giving, but to quit a job that provides for you and your child. Uhn Uhn. Of course, I didn’t hire her either, couldn’t run the risk of having something I said cause her to cuss me out and quit.

In recent times I have run into a couple of these experiences personally. Had someone ask me to write something, I didn’t feel comfortable with it and declined. Months have passed and a person who communicated me for years does not speak any longer. Wow.

Or even more trivial, in my opinion, I was talking to a person about books. The person was of the mindset that certain kinds of books shouldn’t even be written. I disagreed. I feel that we all have stories to tell and if a person tells their stories, via erotica, romance, poetry, street literature, prose literature, et al. and there are people who wish to read those stories, then they should be allowed to write and tell them. That is what democracy is all about in my mind. Well, the person from that day to this has chosen not to say a word to me, about books or anything else. Double WOW.

Because as goofy as this may sound, I am under the impression that one of the things that make us interesting is not our sameness but our differences. And our ability to cohabit and coexist while agreeing, disagreeing or agreeing to disagree. We were all created as individuals and if the only way we can deal with people is if they are some Stepfordized version of us, we might want to reevaluate that, or I am guessing we will spend scads of time, walking away, quitting or not talking to folk. Hmmm.