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Friday, April 4, 2008

Going through...Gracefully...

I am always fascinated by folks when they talk about what they have been through or are going through,
I don't talk much about that kind of thing,
Because I am truly a 'Pray about it and move on kind of girl',
I have horror stories the same as everyone,
Plenty of them,
Many occurring as a very young girl,
But even then God had placed something in me,
That allowed me to pray, forgive, learn from and move on,
And the same is true now as an adult,
I was talking to a friend this morning,
And she asked me how did I do it,
I asked what,
She mentioned illnesses, deaths and stuff that had occurred in my life in the years since she hand known me,
I told her just what I mentioned above,
She then told me that when she had met me nine years ago I looked 'pampered',
Like nothing had ever occurred bad in my life,
I giggled and sent up praises,
Because I knew it was only through Grace,
And that personality quirk I have of forgiving and moving on,
And trying as hard as I can to learn from the transgressions,
Sometimes it's a challenge for me when folks go on and on and on,
About how unfair this is or how unfair that is,
Particularly when they are talking about self-inflicted situations,
But I listen and don't try to state my case,
Because we all go through differently,
But I will say the journey is better, when you travel by faith,
And with Grace...



One of the things I love doing is giving, unexpectedly,
Particularly my new book,
Wherever I go, I have a few copies with me,
And when you have SOLD books, you can give away books,
I remember at Christmas time, my book was fresh off the press,
I was purchasing a suit for my man,
And chatting with the woman in the store,
I asked her if she had daughters, she said one, aged fifteen,
I told her I had a book for her, I ran out to get it,
When I gave it to her, and after she read a few pages, tears came to her eyes,
She then told me her daughter, 'had been in a situation',
Some man had approached her improperly,
The girl had been flattered, made a wrong decision,
And she was trying to get her to learn that no was an option,
My heart thudded in my chest, I told her to have her call me,
She did,
Another time I placed my book in a young woman's hands,
She was eighteen,
Four hours later she called me,
These were her words,
"Ms. Menchan, I have been through a lot, in fact I have been mad at God for allowing me to go through some of what I have, but, reading this book which was fun and spiritual, has me reevaluating my spirituality and looking at some things differently."
I didn't say anything, she had said it all,
This morning I woke up tired as a junkyard dog,
But I had to get up, time for my semi-annual mammo,
When I got into the office, a new woman was handling me,
All over the office were pictures of a beautiful young woman,
As she mashed me, telling me to relax and hold my breath,
I asked was that her daughter,
She said, yes, I asked her age,
She told me fourteen,
Reaching in my bag I asked if I could give her my book,
I told her what it was about,
Allowing her to quickly read a couple of chapters,
Looking up, she smiled,
Thanking me saying, "You can't even know how much this means right now."
I had once been a fourteen year old girl, so I had a bit of a clue...
I told her to have her daughter call me,
Again she thanked me,
I walked out a bit more energized,
I usually do when I can give just a little something,
No matter how small,
Because what I receive is huge....