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Monday, September 1, 2008

Patient and Methodical?

I have always found it interesting,
Learning how people see you and what they think of you,
That is why I don't trip about what people are saying, doing or thinking,
Because until they tell you, you don't know...
A few weeks ago, someone in my office, who I rarely converse with,
Told me, they found me patient and methodical,
Peering quizzically at him,
I said,
I was told that they had watched me when my four person staff,
Was just me,
And how I went into the mode of being patient,
And working methodically,
I told them I had no choice but I wasn't always patient,
I was told it didn't show,
That is the same way I have handled the book business,
Coming in I didn't have a clue,
Put I patiently listened, observed and
Appreciated what those in the know said, did and advised,
I methodically decided what worked for me,
Coming in I had a game plan for what I ultimatley wanted to do,
Publish the work of up and coming youngsters,
Who have found writing to be healing...
And I knew that I had to test drive my abilities on me,
Because were I unable to do it,
Then no one was harmed but me,
And I know how to get up and move something,
The plan is still the same,
And I am in no all-fired hurry,
I am taking my time,
Planning out the schematics,
Patiently and Methodically,
I like that!!