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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Don't Start Nothing, Won't Be Nothing!

Don’t start nothing, wont be nothing, is jokingly called the national anthem in my home town…all in fun…
However, it is true of many of the people I know,
If you don’t start it, we will coexist peacefully,
But if you take our kindness for weakness,
It is on…
All of my life, my goal has been to take the high road,
Always considered the low road too messy,
Now because I chose another route,
Doesn’t mean I don’t know how to get through there,
When a young girl,
I would go out of my way to avoid stuff,
If I heard a fight was breaking out,
I went home,
If an argument went on if it weren’t about me,
I stayed out,
But this brings a situation to mind,
I was in sixth grade,
In middle school, sixth through eighth,
And some of the kids in eight grade,
Let’s just say they were, umm older,
There was this one boy, who I will call Big E.
He was about sixteen and looked like a linebacker,
Everyone feared him and I avoided him,
But he always found a way to mess with me,
Tease about something,
I ignored him,
I was a bit of a bookish priss,
Loved my two ponytails and had a fetish for sparkling white socks,
I am walking home minding my business,
And he pulls my hair,
I ignore him,
Then he kicked dirt on my socks,
I ignore him, when he pushed me,
I pushed back, felt like a wall,
Finally he pushed me and I hit the ground,
My yellow dress was filthy,
I got up dusted myself off, sucked down my tears and went home,
Stayed quiet all night, premeditating,
The next morning, I dressed all in white,
Packed my book bag and added a little something extra,
I had the dirty sock from the day before and inside was one of my mama’s paperweights,
At the end of the day I walked up to Big E,
And swung that sock with all my might,
I must have hit him six good times,
The crowd gasped,
Finally he was able to grab me and hold me,
I started saying the Lord’s Prayer,
Figured he was going to kill me,
But I knew that going in,
I had just decided that if he killed me,
He would know he had been in a fight,
But he fell out laughing and told me,
“Gurl you got a lotta heart”
He must have heard how loud it was beating!
Then he turned to the crowd and said:
“This my lil sista right here, you mess wit her, you mess wit me…’
I was safe for the rest of the year,
The moral of my story if there is one is this,
Don’t ever get it twisted when you see someone who tries hard to avoid trouble.
It isn’t because they don’t know how to handle trouble or that they are a pushover or even scared, they are simply trying to have some class and dignity. But a word to the wise and the unwise is, don’t push them…they will come out swinging…and somebody might end up with some lumps...’
So remember, Don’t Start Nothing, Won’t Be Nothing…