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Saturday, October 18, 2008

BLACK?, Defined?

I am always confused, amazed, stunned by how narrowly people define stuff,
I have heard people say stuff such as, 'I don't know how she got a man, she is not very cute...'
HUH, cute by whose definitions, and does the fact that she is good-spirited, loving and warm-hearted matter at all...cute does not fill the soul...
Or another thing is how we so narrowly define Blackness,
Black seems to be determined in the minds of many by how one speaks, dresses,
Food they choose to eat or what the do in their leisure time,
Or more sadly by lack of something, such as achievment,
Come on People,
All one has to do to be Black, is to be BORN BLACK,
And we are as non-monolithic as anyone else,
It pushes me to think, that one of the things that hold us back,
Are those tightly held belief systems,
And rigidly defined attitudes,
More significantly, how we expect others to conform to our,
Rules of Blackness...
What I tell folks is this, I am all about people period, most particulary my people,
I show my Blackness in supporting issues and concerns that will help all Black people to
Live better, learn better, know more, get farther and to leave some type of legacy for,
Those to come...
I Pray that is Black Enough!