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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Slowly, but Surely...

I am really taking my time with Schae's Story,
I am enjoying writing it,
Seeing how Schae and the people in her life develop,
How a woman who spent her life being one-dimensional or so everyone thought,
Will reveal who she is layer-by-layer, while discovering herself...
At every event or every time I run into someone who has read my other books,
The question is always,
"When is the new book coming out?"
Even when they asked me a few weeks before, Smiling Gleefully
I smile and tell them I'm working on it,
They always try to interject a date, as though that will hurry me up!
I love that, the love and the enthusiasm,
Because I know it says that someone, somewhere really love the work I have done,
When I wrote the first five books I was literally a writing machine,
Two books in 2006,
And Three in 2007,
It was as though I couldn't stop,
Now after psychoanalizing myself,
I know what it was,
I needed to get books out there,
To keep myself visible, a sort of cosmic fear of not producing,
More importantly I needed to find that one book that I wanted to take my time and promote, fervently with,
Everything I had in me,
Is No Not Clear Enough For You ?
Has been that book and I know, Schae's Story, will be the same,
So please give a sister a little time,
Allow me to do this thing I'm doing,
Until I know it's time,
At the same time getting Schae's Story, right and tight,
And I promise you when I am done,
I will bring it!

See Ya Next Week...

Love The Love,