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Friday, November 9, 2007

Picking My Battles...

I have always carefully picked my battles,
Every fight isn't worth getting involved in,
My motto is make sure if you get involved in the war it is a battlefield,
You are willing to die on...
Talking to a few people this week in passing,
I was astonished how much mess folks can care about or be involved in,
I have a very short attention span for stuff,
I was talking to someone and they were rattling on about someone's business,
And I had to jerk myself to attention,
Because for the life of me I couldn't stay engaged,
The only reason I didn't stop listening altogether is because I cared about the talker,
I can remember as a young girl,
How folks would gather around fight,
Not this sister,
I kept it moving,
Or the way in later years, folks would get together to decide they were going to 'advise'
Leave me out of that...
If that person wants or needs to talk to me,
They know where to find me,
Or if I am real concerned, I will seek them out and do a one-on-one,
I see that same trend in a lot of online groups,
No one has very much to say about books, or writing, or uplifting,
But let a controversial topic come along,
And honey the threads will run for days,
I guess that is why we rubberneck at car crashes,
I don't even know,
What I do know is that unless it is something,
That means something to me,
Or I am really touched by,
Or can actually do something about,
I will stay quiet,
When I go to war, I want it to be a worthy battle...