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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Patience is Still a Virtue!

One of my prayers is that folks realize that while change is good, change takes time,
I know there are a gaggle of people who want miracles and they want them now,
And I am a miracle believing girl, have seen a few in my time,
But I am also a practical chick, who knows that sometimes we have to be patient,
Realizing that sometimes a thing will take longer to undo, than it took to do,
I remember twenty nine years ago, I gained forty-five pounds while pregnant with my eldest, I was padded nicely with vanilla ice cream and cheeseburgers, hello…as someone with energy to burn, I had always been able to eat what I wanted and maintain my curves,
So I was unconcerned, well lo and behold after giving birth, I discovered those pounds were still there, mostly a few months later, it didn’t occur to me, that what took nine months to gain, might take twice as long to ungain…oh what a revelation,
So much a revelation that I made sure I only gained twenty six years later with baby number two…I may be slow but, I get there…

Yesterday, I was sitting in a team meeting and we have two new members, youngsters, half the ages of the three elders, yikes,
They bring a freshness, smarts and idealism to the old guard that was truly needed,
However, I watched the faces of one as he was told he couldn’t do something he wanted to do, there was stunned disbelief and a bit of pain, as he realized that his bright, new, shiny ideas wouldn’t be implemented. I am sure he thought he was in the backwoods…
So, I kindly, gently told him this,
“Just hang in there, continue to offer up suggestions, you will discover that many of your,
Ideas will get incorporated, even becoming the norm”…he smiled, lip trembling a tad, not really believing me,
So I offered this,
“Ten years ago when I got here as a relative youngster, (sighing as I realized even then, I was 13 years older than he is today…) I was shocked and some of the then archaic practices, and I threw my cutting edge (sic) ideas around, mostly I was ignored,
But realizing that I needed an hang in there mindset, so today much of what is done, was once an idea in my overactive mind…” Whether that made him feel better or not, I am unsure, but I do know the day will come, I will be long retired, sitting at the beach somewhere and he will be in a room of youngsters, remembering what I said…

On the other hand when talking to some youngsters, I have to say, “That while patience is a virtue, it is not a synonym for inertia, that we must remember that while waiting patiently we have to constantly work behind the scenes, making things happen. If we feel underemployed, we have to while working, keep our eyes open for the next opportunity, or while looking a pile of rejected manuscripts, we have to continue to write. Because heaven forbid, our opportunity comes, after waiting even so patiently and we are unready…that sends shivers down my spine…

I guess I said all that to say that even when change is afoot, we have to recognize that it takes time and it makes for patience, but if we take the time out to help make those changes, in whatever little way that we can, time will pass quicker and we will probably feel better when it occurs…me thinks!

So remember, Patience is Still a Virtue!