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Friday, August 22, 2008

My Book Thang...

Still raining ya'll, and I am loving it,
There have been a couple of power surges, but nothing much,
Just lots of rain and wind, and that has the ability to make me keep still,
And write...
I am done with Schae's Story: A Woman's Transformation,
My proofreader has it and will get it to me soon, then some editing will occur,
Working on a cover that's going to be different and driving a sister nuts!
But it's all good, because it is a part of MY Book Thang,
How I do...
Mrs. Black? is three quarters done and is...
Well lots of goings on, believe me...
In all of this Is NO Not Clear Enough For You?,
Is holding it's own,
I promoted it so vigorously the first half of the year,
Wore myself out,
Going here and going there,
Selling books, giving away books,
Making it work,
Then I sat down, tired, but as life has it...
Putting in the work brings it's own rewards,
Just this week,
I was asked to promote Is NO on the radio,
While assisting with getting Black babies adopted,
My email was filling up with requests to do things,
In getting my word out, to let my young AA girls know that there are choices,
PRO and CON...
I knew going in to that one, I would take some whippings,
And I did,
But what I knew is that 'One has to bring a whipping'
'To get a whipping'
And I was prepared to do battle for what I believe in,
Always a SOULJAH...for the cause...
Because what I know for sure, is I might not do it like anyone else,
And I'm not supposed to,
Because this is MY BOOK THANG...

Shae's Story: A Woman's Transformation - December 1
Mrs. Black: March 1
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