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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Keeping Secrets and Telling Lies...

I come from an old Negro tradition of not airing your dirty laundry in public,
And that is a not a bad thing,
There are a plethora of things that just straight up, dont need to be shared,
I am guilty of taking it to a whole new level,
I raised my kids to believe it is honorable not to discuss anything that went on in our household,
And that is honorable but the flip side of that is that,
By teaching such discretion,
You start keeping secrets and telling lies,
There have been times when my kids have messed up,
But because of the our rules,
No one knew,
I was mum and dealt with it and we moved on and they were allowed to reform their situations,
And that too is all good....
However, once again, I say however,
It had a certain dark side,
That said, 'No matter what you do or have done, mama will keep your secrets and make it look good even if it isn't...'
That was a transgression,
Because what that did was provided such a cushion that they never,
And as such they grew to feel that it was a right to have me,
Fix thangs...
Well no mas,
And what made me realize it was one of my children calling me out,
Because I had the audacity to say something he had said,
Reminding me, of the rules,
And what I had to remember is this,
Rules CHANGE...
And the closer I get to God the more I realize,
That I don't have to go around putting anyone on blast,
But I also don't have to go around sweeping stuff under the rug,
Or telling lies and keeping secrets as though the mess was mine...
Oh what a relief it is to finally get for myself,
That it really is not about me....

THANKS GOD, for delivering me from that!