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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So Unconcerned?

As I have said before, it is amazing to me what people pay attention to,
Someone is always looking,
On the simple side, someone told me last week that a discussion ensued about,
How close I sit to my husband in church, honest, it is true,
The other thing I hear from people, is that I am unconcerned,
Yes, unconcerned,
I tell folks, I am concerned about a lot of things,
Young people, faithlessness, crime, joblessness…etc.
Then I am told that, ‘I look unconcerned…’
Oh I see, I am calm, not hysterical, gossipy or all tied up in knots about erry little thing,
Thus, unconcerned,
Okay, I will embrace that,
While I clarify,
I am concerned about many things,
I don’t worry about, churn about, or beat my head about things,
That aren’t my business, that I can do nothing about, or that is small or petty,
It just takes too much energy to get wrought up about every little going on,
One such thing is people talking to me, I am amazed at how many grown folks worry,
About who is or is not talking to them…utterly amazed…
If someone engages me, I will talk till the break of dawn,
However, if they act like they don’t want to be bothered,
A sister will not bother them,
If I notice someone looking sad or distressed,
I will offer assistance,
If I am told they are cool, got it under control,
I take their word for it, because some days folks just want to be quiet,
Handle their own business, go through it quietly, and they have that right,
So if minding my own business, not being a busy body, or not maintaining,
Messy relations makes a sister unconcerned,
Then it is what it is,
And I am what I am…