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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When A Woman's Fed Up!

What happens when a woman who spent thirty years married to a serial cheater decides she has had enough,

A sister is fed up…Cinnamon Dubois married William Brown and for over twenty years they traveled the world to support his career. However, when they returned to Center City, Florida, Cinnamon was about to be reborn. Brown had spent years with his little sexual flings, while Cinnamon pretended she didn’t know, raising the kids being the beautiful woman of the Manor. But aging and returning home changed her, her mother died, her daughter came out of the closet, and most importantly her friend from high school, multimillionaire, Malcolm Douglass Black was there…waiting…

Black had been in love with Cinnamon since she was fourteen and he was eighteen, but for many reasons they had not hooked up, when he was ready he discovered, she was engaged to his friend, William Brown, who had known he was coming home to ask for Cinnamon’s hand in marriage….
Well for years Black waited, feening for that woman, being there for her in ways that Brown never was, what he had not prepared for was Cinnamon’s feelings, she wanted and loved him as much as he loved her. So much so, she compromised all she had to be with home, love him, but she would never leave Brown, no matter what, or would she?

After two years of celibacy, Black is ready to move on, he is tired and lonely, he wants a Mrs. Black….

Brown has once again decided to do his own thing, even though Cinnamon has given him an ultimatum, will he do what he wants and what will Cinnamon do?

Cinnamon is a woman fed up, with choices to make, will she leave Brown, becoming Mrs. Black or will she decide she can do ‘good’ all by herself and leave them both alone?

Only by reading Mrs. Black? will you find out the truth and so much more.