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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

If You Don't Know!

I have many rules that I live by,
One of my golden ones is if I don’t know from whence I speak, to remain quiet until I find out,
I also make a point of not taking on things,
I know in advance that I can’t do with some skill,
That has always been my motto,
If I can’t do it leave it alone, leave it to those who can,
Kind of in the if it don’t fit don’t force it frame of mind,
As such, it is exhausting to engage in verbal combat with those,
Who are posturing and pretending to know a thing,
Either because they should and don’t,
Or they feel they should be an expert on everything,
When that strikes professionally it is almost laughable,
Because I am begging them to please admit,
You don’t know,
So we can know what we are working with and move on,
But many times, I will get the nodding heads and glazed eyes, or,
The interjection of words that don’t quite add up,
And it is clear the person is clueless,
In some cases they will come back and admit on the low,
That they ‘might not’ be sure,
However, in too many cases they will fake the funk,
Until there is a mess to clean up,
So my advice in that case is simply this,
If you don’t know,
Say you don’t know,
From the gate,
That way we can work on making the thing work,
You bring your skillset,
I bring mine and together we can do the darn thing,
To admit imperfection doesn’t make you weak, it simply means,
You Be Human!

Love and Blessings,