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Friday, December 19, 2008


Christmas tradition will change a bit for us this year,
We are ritualists in so many ways,
During the military years, we mailed gifts home on the same day every year,
On CHRISTmas Eve, the four of us would open a gift before bed,
And early the next morning the boys would get up before the sun and ride bikes,
Rollerblade, draw, make beats or whatever,
Then the four of us would have lots of food and hangout...
Wonderful memories,
Once we moved back to Florida the rituals changed,
We would do the Christmas Eve much the same, but Christmas day,
We would drive south to have Christmas with our families,
My sons had a bit of heartburn about that, though they love extended family,
They had become used to doing it a certain way,
As they aged, became men, they always found a way to take that ride with us,
However, this year is different, Deep is now a married man, with a baby girl on the way,
And they are out west, making their own traditions,
The Dean is slowing down, looking for what he wants to do with his life,
Start his own family and make traditions of his own,
So for the first time in thirty one Christmases,
Mr. and Mrs. Menchan will have Christmas eve alone,
Will get up together on Christmas morning, just the two of them,
Thankful for how far we have come,
How God has blessed us,
And grateful that though the nest is empty,
It is still filled with love and memories,
Because next year we will have that baby girl,
Amira Jameela Menchan,
And we will all start new traditions...

God is Good!

Love and Blessings,

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