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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am always amazed and amused when young people talk as though they have a monopoly on feelings…it seems that many think that after 40 something, feeling.. take a back seat to everything else,
Well let me disabuse the babies of that notion,
Feelings are ageless,
I remember when writing my first book,
My niece, yeah K, I am talking about you,
Was concerned that my main characters were aging,
She wanted them to stay young, it seems she wanted to know,
What they could be up to as they aged,
After laughing a bit, I told her to hold on,
Before I could deal with that, someone offered me a book deal,
However, I was told I would have to rewrite my first book,
And make the characters younger,
Because no one wanted to read about people in their forties and fifties being intimate,
I was told that at that age characters should only be about mentoring and caretaking,
I was stunned, didn’t know that the definitions of women was so narrow,
So I said, ‘No thank you very much…’
Because what I know for sure is that we can mentor and feel,
Bodies age, feelings don’t,
And people still want to love, be cared for, have relationships and intimacy at all ages,
And truth be told, they are probably better at it,
Because so much stuff has been experienced and hopefully resolved as we get older,
We aren’t as caught up as we were when we were younger,
But maybe I am wrong,
But you know what I plan to stay wrong and continue to,
Feel something and write about those who do the same!

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