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Friday, September 19, 2008

They Made Me Do It?

This morning I was thinking of all the people that made me be my best self,
Of course it started at home, my mama, aunts, godmother, older cousins,
Teaching me how to carry myself, read, write, think outside the box,
But there were many others who added to the mix,
I remember first grade, my teacher Ms. Vereen, a cousin, telling us to read a few pages,
Well Ms. I Have Been reading since I was four, read the whole little book, and told everyone,
She walked over realizing what I had done and tapped me on my hand, hard...
I was puzzled, she later told me that one needed to follow what they were told,
And not show off, she then winked at me proudly,
Never forgot that...
Second grade, found me in another family member's classroom, Mrs. Jones,
She forced me to compete in everything that came along,
Every program I had to be a part of, I elocuted and pronunciated until I spoke the,
Queen's English, I was one proper little something,
Lawd, but, I thank her...
Fourth grade found me with Ms. Holt,
She was fresh out of college, but tough,
She wouldn't allow me to compete in the spelling bee,
I was so mad because I knew I could win that twenty dollars,
After all I was a mad speller...
But she told me why,
That the other kids needed the opportunity to learn and feel their accomplishments,
Didn't get it then and felt cheated for years, but in time I understood,
Well, when I got to sixth grade,
It was the end of the sixties, and mini skirts were in,
Everyday when I got away from home, I hiked my skirt up to my neck,
However, Mr. Allen, someone from my neighborhood and from my old school,
Was now my math teacher,
Called me in to his office and told me,
"Your mama did not send you from home with your skirts that high and unless you want me to tell her, pull it down." Of course I rolled my eyes...
"Young lady, you can roll your eyes all you want to, but, you will do what I say, I see how some of these older boys, who are going nowhere look at you and unless you want to end up nowhere also, you better listen..." He hurt my feelings for sure, of course I knew they were looking, Helllloooooooo!
But, I didn't want or need him talking to mama, so I complied and looking back I am glad I listened....
I want to thank all those people in my life,
Who made me do what I thought I didn't want to do,
They are instrumental in me doing what I am able to do today....

Love and Blessings!