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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quiet Time...

I’m often asked how I refuel,
I guess that is a very valid question in these days of doing everything,
Multi-tasking, wearing of varied hats…
My answer is pretty simple,
I get quiet…
My preference is when I quiet down on my own,
But sometimes my mind and body will force me to quiet down,
I have always been one of those persons, who when not feeling like engaging,
I don’t engage, you can’t make me, force me or embarrass me into it…
Those who are close to me have come to accept it,
Some better than others,
But accepting is all I require,
Now by quiet, I don’t mean non-functional,
During those times I make sure,
I hit my marks,
Take care of my business,
But I don’t entertain much of the excess stuff,
I will respectfully decline invitations,
Extraneous conversations,
Saying, ‘No thanks, can’t do another thing right now’ or smile sweetly as I glide on by a conversation…
At home, during these times, you will usually find me in a corner of the sofa,
Feet tucked beneath me, coke or coffee nearby,
A book or three scattered around me,
This occurs rarely,
But it does occur and during that time I always ask my people,
Not to second-guess, read anything into it, take it personally,
It is simply a way of resting and rejuvenating the machine…
Sort of like a ‘Grown-up Time Out’…
We all need them…