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Thursday, September 11, 2008

There is a Story...

There is always a story in it,
I guess that is one of the myriad reasons I write,
I love looking at a situation and crafting a story from what is,
What was, what might have, and what could be,
As such, I am a serious people watcher and listener,
Some of my best life lessons have been learned from listening,
And it makes for excellent book food,
This past weekend I was talking to a friend about my family,
My ancestors, and her mouth was ajar, as though I was reading a fascinating story,
I love the women who came before me and they lived…
And what is so beautiful, is they shared so much of it with me,
My mama, my godmother who lived to be 102, her daughter who is now almost ninety,
And my aunts, my mom’s sisters,
There were many times when I was young, I sat near them, listening,
But as I got older, they shared with me, maybe because I was the only one, who seemed Interested and intrigued,
What I learned is that people are people and have always been,
Times change, people don’t,
They still want and need the same things,
Love, affection, acceptance, fun…in their lives,
And it is particularly cool to hear about those things,
That is why so many of the characters in my books are of age,
They have lived long enough to know that life and love brings a plethora,
Of experiences and that life is for living fully at every age,
Everyone has a story and my intention is to tell as many of them as I can…


Schae’s Story: A Woman’s Transformation