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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When Compelled~

Sunday I listened to my Pastor confess that he once felt that it was his job to provide the WORD, and if someone got it they got it, he admitted that he had changed his mind and knew that part of his responsibility was also to convince~
I agree with him because everything that we know or do we had to be told and in many cases convinced to do or learn, so why should it be any different spiritually,
On the other hand, those of us who are not in the pulpit have to learn that we may not be able to convince anyone of anything,
But as spiritual warriors we are often made to do or say when compelled,
There was a time when I was of the mindset,
"If they don't ask me, I am saying nothing..."
And in many cases that still works,
However, I know that if I see someone in pain,
I am going to say something, or do something,
At least once and whether others choose to respond or not is entirely up to them,
But sometimes God compells us to plant a seed,
And we can't claim to be God believing and loving if we never do or say things,
That make us uncomfortable,
Or more importantly that we know is not going to be well-received,
Sorry, but that is part of the mission,
To at a minimum try to provide a more spiritual viewpoint,
And know that in some cases nothing may ever come of it,
But we did what we were compelled to do,
And that often the people or persons may never acknowledge what you did or said,
But at some point they may be able to use it for good...
I know for myself that many things I was told and didnt want to hear,
Have later served me well and though I didnt tell the person how much they helped me,
I would not have been able to progress without their having brought it to me,
And for that I am grateful.
We must all do WHEN COMPELLED~