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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Had I Only?

So many of us spend time saying, if I had only done, such and such,
Fess up, it is human,
The other day I was talking to my son, who in his early twenties is doing very well,
However, with his sense of accomplishment, came a bit of doubt,
Wondering with even how well he has done, if he had done this or that,
Where would he be,
As a loving mother, I listened patiently, then told him,
You would probably be right where you are, life is a series of decisions,
and circuitous routes and you have not missed a beat,
Regret nothing,
When it was time to be a child, you were one,
When the time came to man up, you did,
And you are right where you are supposed to be,
On the road to where you are supposed to go...
Many ask me do I regret not writing sooner,
I tell them no, I regret nothing,
Because if I had started writing in my twenties, thirties or even early forties,
When winning meant all,
I would have written one book,
If it hadn't 'blown up' I would have gone on to the next thing,
It happened when I had the time, resources and patience to ride this thing out,
When I know that I write for the love of the game,
And whatever I get is gravy...
And I also know that I will continue to write and get better,
As time progresses,
Thank God, I knew the virtue of patience...