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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Get Some!

Last week I spend a couple days learning a new system for work,
Two days of intense hands-on-training,
I can usually learn from the manual,
But I love hands on,
Gives you a feel for what you are doing,
It was the second workshop I had attended in as many months.
With my counterparts from other offices,
Most of them I know by sight and name and from mass emails,
But mostly I don’t know them, we are scattered all over the southeast and we are busy,
Particularly now in these days of doing more with less, less people that is,
On the second day I broke bread with one of my friends,
We had a long lunch,
She told me, ‘Your counterparts are very curious about you.’
“About me, why?”
‘Well, you don’t say very much, just work on what you are doing and mind your own business, also there is the buzz about you being an author and all.’
“Well that’s fine, but if they are curious about anything they can inquire, otherwise they need to GET SOME…”
‘Get some, girl what are you talking about?”
“Get some business, anyone who has time to be curious about my business, need to get some business of their own. When one is busy, consumed with handling their stuff, there isn’t a great deal of time for curiosity.” We laughed for several minutes.
‘You scared me, I didn’t know what you wanted them to get.’
Flying home later that night I thought about our conversation, realizing that idle minds really are the devil’s workshop because when a person has nothing to do that fills their time, not to mention their souls, that leaves an inordinate amount of time to ponder other folks’ activities. Idle gossip and speculation has always caused my eyes to glaze over. Now watching people and making up my own stories is something else altogether that gives me book food, allowing me to write my quirky characters. But, I witness to you, I have never spent an iota of time wondering what people do in their down time. Whatever it is okay with me, particularly if it brings no harm to me, mine and others and especially if it fills their life, their business is just that, their business. And you know why, because, I GOT SOME!

Love and Blessings,