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Thursday, November 15, 2007

You Just Never Know...

You just never know who is going to come through your life,
Or in what package they will come...
That my friends is why an open heart and mind are a necessity,
There has been too many times in recent history, very recent history,
Where I was sitting down, minding my own business and someone would just appear in my life...
I have this really weird philosophy and it's this,
When I meet you,
I automatically give you an A, 100 points,
Now it is up to you to keep that grade,
Or deduct from it at will...
So when I meet someone, I keep,
My mind and heart open,
Now don't think this means I go in blind,
No, not at all,
But I am willing to see what is up,
Because one never knows,
And I am here to tell you that in this writing game,
Especially now,
I have met some gems,
Someone read my blog,
Or I posted on theirs,
They came to a festival or a booksigning where I was,
And picked up a flyer,
Then one day,
I look up and they have done some amazingly gracious thing,
Told friends about my work,
Suggested my name to a bookclub,
And when I am touched most is those times when I feel things didn't go well...
Then the next thing I know as a result of that, things are going awesome...
That is what walking by faith and not by sight is all about...
Take my word for it...
So sometime if you are standing in Target or sitting on the bus,
Or reading a newspaper in a park and someone says hello,
Say hi back,
You just never know,
What that person can bring to your life, or you to theirs,
At a minimum it could simply be a smile...
And that's always good...

Love and Blessings,

Available December 1, 2007