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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You Get What You Pay For!

I have this saying, 'A bought lesson is the best kind',
What I mean by that is that some of the things I learned that stayed with me has been what,
I learned through experience, bought lessons...
As some know the number 8 represents change biblically,
And 2008 has truly been a year of change for me,
The first few months found me hustling like Master P,
To sell a book that it seemed like only I believed in,
Everyone had gotten used to my 'grown women',
And though they tolerated my young lady, they wanted me back to the business at hand,
What I knew was that I was on a mission and had to do what I did,
And so many other things were topsy-turvy,
My health was at stake, doing too many things and being a natural competitor,
Giving it all I had,
There was a spiritual shake up due some things with my church,
And I was feeling really unappreciative of a really good job,
Not my life's calling by any means but a job,
That paid well and was filled with people who valued and respected me even,
When I wasn't at my best,
But thanks to God, I am married to my spiritual advisor,
He lovingly watched me go through my changes,
Calling me out when it was necessary,
But constantly loving the complicated, mercurial woman he calls 'Babee'...
He also told me that the brightest light comes after the darkness,
And he was so right, again...
And I am so grateful,
I am writing again,
Mentoring again,
Giggling, Laughing and Dancing,
And appreciating...
And I knew that if I hadn't paid for those lessons,
I wouldn't have appreciated the light as much....
So, I guess it really is true...
We get what we pay for!


The Past in Place

One thing I have learned is that the past is over at midnight,
I know that sounds simple and it is,
One of the hardest things for people to deal with is that once something is done,
There is very little that can be done to change it,
It is past…
Now that in no way means, we shouldn’t learn from the past,
Using events that have taken place as stepping stones and avenues to where we are trying to go,
And we certainly shouldn’t forget those who went before us,
Paving the way,
What I’m trying to say, however, ineloquently is that becoming mired down,
In past hurts, grievances and pain,
Will stop you cold from having a FUTURE,
Some of the most debilitated people I know,
Have their hearts, minds and souls so wrapped around,
What ‘usta be’ that they are unable to move on,
When talking to my young lady on Friday,
I allowed her to flow,
Just tell me what was going on,
Had gone on, what had caused her to make decisions that had shaped her,
Per usual it was past hurts, mama, daddy, and ‘nem…
I totally understood,
However, I told her to refocus, now that she had finally said it,
And work on personal,
Because what I have discovered,
Is that when we are busy about the business,
Of becoming whole,
By doing what is necessary,
We have very little time to be caught up in the chokehold the past can have on us,
It’s particularly difficult because sometimes it means letting go of people,
Those whose power over us is to remind of what we were or what we had done,
In order to keep us connected to them in misery,
That saying about misery loving company is a true truth,
And as I told my children,
The best way to move forward is to get in crowd that is moving in that direction,
Who are about the business of positive growth and possibilities,
With eyes focused on the Future,
Will full appreciation of what went before,
While understanding that at 12:01 am,
It’s a new day!

Love and Blessings,