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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


There are a lot of really mad people, I mean downright angry~
I was once a very angry young woman, spent years with a chip on my shoulder, could cut someone to shreds with my tongue and a roll of my oval shaped eyes, oh yeah~
And I justified it and many justified it for me, ‘She has been through so much,’ So much is expected of her,’ Yes, yes, yes…all of that was true but angry didn’t do a thing for me, made me feel much older than I was an tired…
The first person to call me on it was my eight grade English teacher, Ms. Miller straight out told me about it…her exact words, ‘You are a smart, pretty, gifted young lady, but you got a bad attitude…’ It felt like she had poured battery acid on my heart, the truth hurts…I knew she was right, but that attitude was my protection, my armour, the thing that kept people from messing with me, invading my precious space…but, I learned a lesson that day and my focus was to try to do better…now forty years later…I am still a work in progress…but I tell you, I am rarely mad…and when I am I try to steer clear of people until I am feeling better…now don’t think this means I can’t still get folk straight, oh but I can…but mostly I choose to leave ‘em alone…keep it moving…
But there are so many who are mad and couldn’t say why if their lives depended on it…there are so many lovely, smart and talented young women in my life, but boy are they mad…sometimes it is impossible to be in the same room with them, you can literally smell the anger…I am not sure why they are that way on a case by case basis, but I have my opinions….I think way too many of them are trying to do too much and prove too much to everybody, mostly themselves….they want everything…great careers, strong men who earn more than them and are manly and sensitive at the same time, they want super smart kids who are smarter than everyone else’s kids, they desire to be spiritual and freaky, they want to be taken seriously and pampered, they want to tell folk their business, but they don’t want anyone to tell anyone else…Dag, I feel mad, writing it all down…because that is so burdensome and hard to have and even harder to hold….because truth be told we have to be willing to be flexible and to compromise…now all of you baby Bella Abzugs, I am in no way saying you have to settle or sell yourselves short…what I am saying is that life is filled with give and take and to take something you have to give something….to be something, you have to go through something…and sometimes the reason you don’t have all you want or desire is because God has decided it isn’t for you to have…so instead of being so mad all the time, be glad that God loves you, you are alive and you are all those things mentioned earlier, smart, lovely and talented and that you have so much to offer yourself and the world, but I kid you not, you will never know it if you stay MAD all the time….