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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To Say or Not To Say?

I have had or heard a lot of conversations that made me cringe and think;
‘That didn’t need to be said…’
One of the funniest was when I was talking to someone and it was noted that what they
Were talking about had nothing to do with them,
And I was told,
‘It is my business if I am talking about it…’
Well excuse me, I didn’t even know the criteria was that narrow…too funny…
Because I know that no one’s business is my business, but my business,
I choose to say nothing, often,
I guess it is that old adage that Grandma taught us,
‘If you can’t say something good, say nothing…’
Now, I tell you I had to learn this and relearn it,
And sometimes, I will slip up, then smack myself for even going there…
Also, I have to be careful, because often I will say something that doesn’t mean anything,
Other than what I said, but because of my cut and dry directness, it can and has been misconstrued, so I stay quiet…
Another case is when I just can’t say anything,
You know the times,
Try as you might, there is nothing good to say about a situation,
You roll it around in your head,
Let it rest on your tongue,
Practice saying it silently in front of the mirror,
Then you swallow it down,
Because you know that no matter what,
There is no way to make it sound any better than it is,
And rather than hurt or maim,
It is best to plead the fifth,
Hold your peace,
Do not part your lips,
Relax and let it go,
Trust me on this,
You will feel better,
Sleep better,
And get along better,
Because we can all think what we want,
But once we give voice to it,
It is out there…

Love and Blessings!