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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Where Has She Been?

Oh My,
it has been more than a minute since I have been at my own spot. October ran me over like a thunderstorm, grinding it out on the day gig, end of FY and all that and with my new baby, The Blacks: LOVE'S Politics being released in September,I have been out there getting the word out. And there have been so many life lessons, some I had to learn regarding me and some I had to be involved in regarding others.

I have had to accept the seasonality of relationships. That some last forever and ever and some are simply summer, winter, spring or fall. I dont like it, because I love those forever heart ties. But realizing that sometimes letting go is what is up and I plan to and I have.

I also accepted that I cannot take on everything. I will always write and publish my work. Priority. I love being asked to come to schools and speak to groups. Priority. I love my home life and down time, PRIORITY, PRIORITY. As such, I now have to say no I cannot, no I will not or maybe later.

God has been so awesome to me and I need to realize that I cannot bungle it up by not spending my time (HIS time)wisely, I know to Praise and Thank him and utilize this write and mentor thing because those are his blessings to me. So, now that I have gotten myself together (kinda) I will PRAISE more, blog more (may have another blog gig soon) write more and get myself out there and talk to the people because that loved ones is what I am called to do. And if you dont have your copy of THE BLACKS: LOVE'S POLITICS pray tell why.