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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Where Has She Been?

Oh My,
it has been more than a minute since I have been at my own spot. October ran me over like a thunderstorm, grinding it out on the day gig, end of FY and all that and with my new baby, The Blacks: LOVE'S Politics being released in September,I have been out there getting the word out. And there have been so many life lessons, some I had to learn regarding me and some I had to be involved in regarding others.

I have had to accept the seasonality of relationships. That some last forever and ever and some are simply summer, winter, spring or fall. I dont like it, because I love those forever heart ties. But realizing that sometimes letting go is what is up and I plan to and I have.

I also accepted that I cannot take on everything. I will always write and publish my work. Priority. I love being asked to come to schools and speak to groups. Priority. I love my home life and down time, PRIORITY, PRIORITY. As such, I now have to say no I cannot, no I will not or maybe later.

God has been so awesome to me and I need to realize that I cannot bungle it up by not spending my time (HIS time)wisely, I know to Praise and Thank him and utilize this write and mentor thing because those are his blessings to me. So, now that I have gotten myself together (kinda) I will PRAISE more, blog more (may have another blog gig soon) write more and get myself out there and talk to the people because that loved ones is what I am called to do. And if you dont have your copy of THE BLACKS: LOVE'S POLITICS pray tell why.


Jennifer C. said...

Try not to stretch yourself too far. I know we try to be superwomen, but we can only do so much and reach so many.

Keep doing the things you love and relax. Breathe!

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Thats it, what I must do and what I love to do...


Dera Williams said...

It seems we go through phases where we take on too much and have to step back and re-evaluate. No matter what you manage to make it look easy. :-)

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...


Linda Chavis said...

I KNOW thats right but always DO YOU...but I dont need to tell you that..your Mama Deep MUAH !

Unknown said...

Sometimes to be our best selves we just have to take time to breathe, refresh, regroup.....and that's all good.

Hai!DadaReads said...

Love it! Keep up the good work, keep relaxing and take care of you.