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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What it Do?

What it do?
That is as grammatically incorrect as it can be, but it’s one of my favorite phrases. My youngest has said that to me for years upon greeting. It can mean anything in the family of, how are you? What are you doing? What do you want to do?
So this morning I’m going to ask ‘What It Do?” in terms of where you are right now, and where you would be if you could choose?
I am sitting at my desk, deciding which pile to tackle first,
Human Capital Issues,
I must do them all because they are a part of what I am paid to do,
Now what I would be doing if I were doing what I really wanted to do,
Is this, and do it I will,
I would wake up about seven, instead of four-thirty,
Have coffee with my man,
Chatting, unwinding, preparing,
Then about nine am I would open the doors to,
“The Young Sisters of Power Place”
Yes people, I already have a name for it,
It WILL be a place where young sisters between the ages of
12 and 18 can come for tutoring, social skills and academic enrichment,
However, that is just a part of it,
Mostly it will be an environment of love,
Peace and safety, from an ever-changing world that devalues their worth,
Where they can be as young as they are,
Where birthdays are celebrations,
And chastisement is done with loving correction,
They will be able to embrace their inner-diva,
Exploring career paths and lifestyles that are about who they are,
With those of us who know, love and appreciate them,
Who can remember once being like them,
A place of spiritual enrichment,
Where you are taught to do what you love and what is soul satisfying,
Of course I will be writing, writing, and reading,
That is what it do for me!
I talk to a lot of people who are at a crossroads,
Not sure of what they want,
Or where they are going,
Jetting here, jetting there, never sitting still for fear they will have to think about,
What it is...
Or are so trapped by what they think they want,
Not knowing if they get it,
Unless it does that soul thing,
They will always be seeking that next thing,
But I talk to a lot of others whose faces beam with,
Peace and satisfaction, because everyday when they get up,
They are doing that thing or those things that make life good, better, great…
They know what it do?
Do you?