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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


One of the saddest things is looking into the eyes of a woman when her marriage has ended or is ending…
Over the past couple of years I have seen a couple up close and personal,
In one case a young woman had been married for ten years to a very successful man,
She hadn’t worked in all that time, though she was educated,
And the bottom fell out, way out,
And in the blinking of an eye,
She went from high on the hog,
To well…broke and alone…
In the other case,
The marriage was heading towards three decades and kaboom,
It was over,
In sort shrift she was looking at a different life immediately,
Though this woman had worked,
It had been work and was nothing geared towards caring for herself,
Painful stuff…
And as sad as the end of a marriage,
The betrayal, the embarrassment and a mass of other things are,
One of the saddest is that these women were literally left unable to handle their business,
As they had come to know it,
Which is the point of this blog…
I am here to tell you it is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,
To have a man that loves and cares for you,
And works and brings home the bacon,
But my sisters,
It is imperative,
Absolutely necessary to be able to take care of yourself,
Especially as we age,
Because the world does not look kindly on aging divas reentering the workplace after so many years…
And please don’t think I am saying,
Prepare for divorce or any other such madness,
I have been married 31 years, 2 months and 2 days,
But one thing I know for sure is that if my man lost his mind,
And he would have to be nuts for sure….grinning…
And left me,
Mama would cry rivers,
Cuss like a sailor on leave,
Write a blog about him for sure,
But every single day,
She would get her butt up out of bed,
And go to that job that would keep a roof over her head,
Food in her mouth,
Books on her shelf,
And cute shoes on her feet…
Oh yeah,
Cause the one thing I know for sure,
Is that what you know,
What you have prepared for,
And what you can do can never be taken away,
That is yours to keep….
And this may not sound romantic to anyone,
But oh it is,
It is the best kind,
A romantic relationship with,