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Thursday, December 16, 2010


CHRISTmas is on of the bittersweet times for me. Sweet because I do remember the reason for the season, always. And I love shopping for my loved ones and cooking the traditional meal, the cook each year, ham, greens, mac and cheese, potato salad, cranberry sauce and my now famous coconut cream pies. Also, it should be a blast this year to see my granddaughter's face when she sees her gifts. As usual we will spend time with the kids, go to church and drive down to visit family. All good stuff and mighty BLESSED...

The bittersweet part is that I miss my mom and her funny, loving ways. The way after all was said and done, we would sit on her porch, Mench would be with his family, the kids off somewhere and just she and I would talk and laugh, and talk some more. Also that coconut cake was the best. Now I feel a bit lost, spending time with my aunt, sister, niece and all is wonderful, but a certain ummph is not there.

Spending time with my inlaws is also nice and they treat me like family, but that lady with the grey 'fro and the laughing eyes is irreplaceable.

By the end of the day I am usually happy for all that has transpired but glad the day is over...

I know I am BLESSED beyond measure, a big fine man who loves me, really cool kids, an awesome grand princessa and am able to do mostly what I wish to do...I just really MISS that unconditional, total love thang I shared with my Mama...Ms. Ora Lee...