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Monday, September 8, 2008

Believe It!

What we find believable,
I am always astonished and flabbergasted by what people immediately believe and those
Things they automatically question,
For example, if one tell another how much they can’t stand someone,
On the other hand, how much one loves another,
Not as believable,
I have head people literally say, it must be fake,
Nothing can be that good,
Huh? Of course it can and in many lives it is…
What is up with that?
I remember when my youngest was a teen,
He loved all stuff teens liked,
Partying, hanging out, girls, girls, girls,
But one thing he truly loved were those Tuesday nights when,
When he and I hung out in the movie theatre,
Me dipping my popcorn in his nacho cheese, while his dad attended a class,
Or those Saturdays when he and his dad went to FAMU games,
And didn’t return home until the wee hours,
Or those weekly dinners the three of us attended,
Folks would say they just couldn’t believe at seventeen he really wanted to hang out with,
His parents,
One time right here on Ramblings,
I wrote about how much fun I have with my sister-friends,
Anonymously, someone wrote that my posts were surely to convince myself of something,
As though it were impossible to do what my friends and I did on Saturday,
Sit at the Cheesecake Factory from lunch to dinner,
And still drag ourselves up because we wanted to laugh and talk all day and into the night,
But I have already figured out what is up,
Simple really,
If something isn’t believed for THEM,
Then they feel it is unbelievable for EVERYONE…
To that I say,
Try having fun, love and laughter,
I might make life more livable and Believable…

Love and Peace!
Schae’s Story: A Woman’s Transformation