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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yesterday was one of those days when the only thing that worked was the truth,
One of my friends, real friends, and coworkers came into my office and we talked about what should happen and does happen, in regards to the workplace…to know what should is a part of my job...when it comes to business, I am all business, friendships notwithstanding, so I told her as it was in regards to some issues…she squirmed a bit,
Tried to explain a way a few things…but I was taking no tea for the fever, it was business truth and truth never changes…we may not follow it or believe it, but it doesn’t stop it from being the truth….

Later on I was sitting at home working on my taxes…and my buddy, Bev was online reading my blog, she catches up in batches…too busy for her own good…Love you girl, and I am a fine one to talk…anyway…
After each blog, she would email me a note…
In one she told me that she was glad I was being me and allowing the truth as I know to flow from me…she also cautioned me by saying, ‘Everyone is not receptive, once you start saying it as it is…’ Don’t I know it,
But I told her this, ‘I will say what God places in my mouth to say and if he has provided me with this forum in which to say it, say it I will…and for those who have issue, I will love and pray, cause that’s all I got…’
When I started doing this, I wasn’t even sure what I was doing,
Until one day someone had the audacity to say it was one of my ministries…
That felt funny,
And still does, but once I heard it enough,
I said okay, then if I am going to do this,
As I know and as it is provided to me…

Last night at church, we had a guest Pastor and talk about truth,
Oh my goodness, he brought it,
Unfiltered with no sugar coating to make it go down smooth,
Just the holy truth that was enough to set us all free,
Any of us who was willing to see ourselves and make a determination,
To get past our brokenness,
And work on clean fresh slates,
No matter what anyone has to say about it,
What a Blessing that was,
And as always the Truth is the Truth!
So help us!

Love, Peace and Blessings!