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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Don't Give Me Nothing!

I found myself thinking about the James Brown song this morning,
“I don’t want nobody to give me nothing, open up the door and I will get it myself!”
That ran through my mind at midnight as I listened to Barack Obama’s acceptance speech
No one gave him anything, he went out there and got it,
Never compromising who he was or where he was from,
We can all learn from that,
It reminded me of my life,
All I had growing up was faith, family and a brain,
And I was told everyday that it was all I needed,
One thing I knew by the time I was grown, was this,
I would have to study hard,
Work hard,
And Pray harder,
I would also have to go against the grain,
Stand for what I knew was right, even when no one agreed with me, but me,
That has been particularly true in the last few years,
But I was raised to be beholden to no one,
That old Billie Holiday song was a mantra,
‘Mama may have, Papa may have, but God bless the child that has his own,
I remember when I was starting eighth grade,
I wanted alligator loafers,
That wasn’t in my mom’s budget, so she told me to get the penny loafers,
I said, that is okay, I will get them myself,
Within a week I was working,
Within two weeks I had my loafers,
Because one thing I knew and know for sure,
If you want it, you gotta go get it!