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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Paradox, Who Me?

Below is the definition of a paradox, via Webster;

3: one (as a person, situation, or action) having seemingly contradictory qualities or phases

As such I am going to have to embrace the paradoxicality in me,
I look conservative most days, particularly in a professional setting,
Hair up, pearl earrings, skirts (a little snug),shirts and cute flats for style, comfort and speed,
However, once home the pins come out of the hair and attire relaxes completely,
A paradox’s decompression,
The same is true when it comes to my working,
Budget Officer, in charge of the budget, Oh, yeah,
Then there is the work I love,
Writing books that are a bit edgy, making folks laugh, cry, talk…for real…
With characters who embrace and live life fully with no apologies to anyone,
Married woman on a ledge,
Spiritual girls refusing to hedge,
Brothers shamelessly loving a sister,
Not caring who knows or what anyone says,
That’s how I do,
Then there is the art versus commerce dilemma,
Do I write for the love of the written word?
Of course I do,
But do I want to be paid for the work I produce that many have professed to love,
You better believe it because I am a B-Woman from the word go,
Been that since the cradle,
Will be that to the grave,
Because what I know for sure is that we can do a lot of different things,
From the same source,
Without selling out or giving in,
Or following trend,
But we must be willing to defend,
The paradoxical woman within…