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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Slowly, but Surely...

I am really taking my time with Schae's Story,
I am enjoying writing it,
Seeing how Schae and the people in her life develop,
How a woman who spent her life being one-dimensional or so everyone thought,
Will reveal who she is layer-by-layer, while discovering herself...
At every event or every time I run into someone who has read my other books,
The question is always,
"When is the new book coming out?"
Even when they asked me a few weeks before, Smiling Gleefully
I smile and tell them I'm working on it,
They always try to interject a date, as though that will hurry me up!
I love that, the love and the enthusiasm,
Because I know it says that someone, somewhere really love the work I have done,
When I wrote the first five books I was literally a writing machine,
Two books in 2006,
And Three in 2007,
It was as though I couldn't stop,
Now after psychoanalizing myself,
I know what it was,
I needed to get books out there,
To keep myself visible, a sort of cosmic fear of not producing,
More importantly I needed to find that one book that I wanted to take my time and promote, fervently with,
Everything I had in me,
Is No Not Clear Enough For You ?
Has been that book and I know, Schae's Story, will be the same,
So please give a sister a little time,
Allow me to do this thing I'm doing,
Until I know it's time,
At the same time getting Schae's Story, right and tight,
And I promise you when I am done,
I will bring it!

See Ya Next Week...

Love The Love,


Anonymous said...

Angelia, every writer have their own time table. Your fans are just eager for your next story. I like writing without deadlines and I put my own self imposed deadline on when I want to have something completed. Sometimes I meet it and sometimes I don't. The manuscript I'm working on now I had planned on having it finish last week but I was sick and when I'm sick I don't write. Whenever you finish Schae's story, your readers will be there to draw on every word.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Thanks Shelia,
I had to learn that, I had so much pressure to produce, produce, produce and mostly it was self-imposed. This time I know that I have to take my time...Hope you are better this week!


Anonymous said...

Take the time you need to make Schae complete. Your fans will appreciate it that much more when she makes her debut.

Hugs and kisses


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Jennifer C. said...

I'm patient because I know when you put it out there it will definitely be well worth the wait. But if you are accepting dates my birthday is a great day...just kidding.

Love all you do.

Yasmin said...

In due time...all things in due time!

Anonymous said...

Angelia, I feel a whole lot better this week...thanks :)