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Friday, November 30, 2007

Aggressive or Assertive

Aggressive or Assertive,
In the minds of some the words are synonomous,
However, when I think aggression,
I think of it as a forced strong will or opionion,
Assertive indicates a shared strong will or opinion,
Or maybe it's just what I find palatable,
As is known, I'm an observer,
And in the past few days my observations have led me to view acts of aggression,
Seeing those who don't fully understand the position,
Or didn't even read or hear the whole message before pouncing on and attacking,
On the other hand I have viewed wonderful displays of assertiveness,
Someone listening with an open heart and mind,
Then knowing full well, they had something to offer,
Assertively stating their position with facts to back up,
What was being said,
I am saying this to say,
That just like there being a thin line between love and hate,
There is a thinner line between aggression and assertion,
Just make sure you want to cross the line,
And that you leave enough room to cross back over....

angelia, assertively stating an opionion....grinning....

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GENESIS said...

Hey, I get to read blogs again!!!

Interesting post. I agree that there is an extremely thin line between aggressive and assertive. I also find that our people seem to be viewed as aggressive when we assume we are being assertive. So does the definition lie within how the observer views the other? I think most times it does.

The definition is also distorted in a good number of us too.

Great post!

Angelia... said...

that is exactly my point, often people confuse the two. And the thing is that aggressiveness puts people off where many times assertiveness garners respect, it mostly depends on what one is trying to portray...I can't tell you the number of times someone has said to me, "Angelia, I said exactly what you said, but they took it wrong when I said it." And very often it was in the delivery, people run when bashed over the head with something. And you are correct, it is very much distorted in most of us, it's a learning curve, like most things.

bless you
mama deep

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Great post, sis. I agree and I also think that sometimes the line is a bit murky. I think that a lot of times assertive can be viewed as aggressive because the person is for something that I'm against. So I'm already set to view what they are saying in a negative light and when they come storng and assertive it may feel aggressive to me... I find the ways in which people communicate or fail to communicate with one another fascinating...


Angelia... said...

Me too Sister Gwyneth me too, and I love it, and most of this stuff I LEARNED, THROUGH TRIAL, ERROR AND lots of observation...but once I learned how to be assertive over aggressive the blessings really started flowing...