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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday,
All that's required is to spend time giving thanks for the many blessings,
We ALL enjoy,
Most importantly,
I get to 'hang out' with family and friends,
And eating calorie laden food,
Guilt Free,
During the holidays,
I don't give a thought to calories,
There is real butter in stuff,
Like sweet potato pie,
Macaroni and Cheese,
And real ham in the greens,
Umm Umm Umm,
And Football,
My Dallas Cowboys are always playing on that day...
Been a die-hard fan since Tony Dorsett, baby...
Woo Hoo...
And the talk,
Sitting at my aunts house these days,
With folks running in and out,
Usually with a tight belt,
And a plate covered with foil,
While we are all talking trash about everybody,
Usually each other,
It doesnt get much better than that...
Giving Praise and THANKS!

Love and Blessings,


GENESIS said...

My favorite holiday is Halloween but Thanksgiving and Christmas are a close

I love breaking bread with my family and friends. We get a few games of spades and bones jumpin' off, eat and drink good, and act plain ole fools!

I'm glad to see that you enjoy the same. It really is a time where I feel MOST blessed because I have a family. The love that fills the atmosphere is awesome.

Have a happy Thanksgiving Mama Deep. Love you


Angelia... said...

Love you too, G-Nice, been missing you...enjoy, mangia, eat up...

mucho love and blessings,

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, sis! Reading this post has my mouth watering already! :-)


Angelia... said...

You too, sis, don't it sound good...


Maryam Diaab said...

Have a great Thanksgiving!