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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's The Thought...

What do you say when you recieve a gift from someone you love,
Who loves you and it's all wrong,
Do you throw it back at them,
I hope not...
Or do you pretend to love it,
Thinking, 'I would never be caught dead in this mess.'
Or do you regift it to someone else, that you aren't especially fond of,
Praying the person who gave it to you,
Never sees them wearing it?
And I am going to get this out of the way right now...
I truly believe that when you love someone,
Your focus when it comes to gift-giving is something,
They really want and love, and that speaks to who they are...
And it doesn't have to be expensive,
Well thought out cards are a joy to read, from someone who loves you,
I am known in my families and at work as the card-picking Queen,
I will spend hours reading cards and making sure it is tailored to the recipient,
If people only knew how many cards they recieved from other people, chosen by me...
I do the same with gifts,
During the year,
I engage in conversations with people I love,
Feeling them out as to what they want,
And then at birthdays, Christmas,
They get what they want from me.
In reverse,
I make sure the people who love me,
Know what I want,
Simply because I had some years when things hung in my closet,
Or sat on my dresser,
So I learned to let desires slip out,
Everyone knows that books, perfume and coffee are my vices,
So I casually mention titles, fragrance names and there is a starbucks on every corner,
I know shameless hussy,
I get what I want,
They get what they want,
And we have beautiful thoughts,
As we give and recieve....


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GENESIS said...

I agree with you! My peeps know what I like, which are simple things like paper, pens, books, and music. I've never had a problem with any gifts and to my knowledge haven't had any problems with gifts I've given. Mine are extremely thoughtful and almost always added with something I've made with love: hand-crafted cards, bath salts and scrubs, and candles. I'm also know as the Queen of home gift giving. I'll note the colors of ones home and make accessory baskets to coordinate with them. Great blog!


Angelia... said...

that is exactly what I'm talking about, thoughtful gifts, given and recieved with love...

mama deep

Yasmin said...

I truly believe that when you love someone,
Your focus when it comes to gift-giving is something,
They really want and love, and that speaks to who they are...
And it doesn't have to be expensive,

I HEAR YA are so much better when we take the time to listen and you it's not the price of the gift and it is truly the THOUGHT...but hmmm put thought into it and don't give me something I didn't ask for or want...because hmmm yeah I've been known to regift some stuff....oh gosh do I have some regifting about I intentionally regifted something to someone who gave me the gift...and being the good friend she is but having poor taste when it comes to gifts...why did she say...'oh my this is hmmm interesting...I've never seen anything like it...where did you get it from sis because I'm returning it...' I rotflmao and told her YOU. She was mortified...but hmmm she's never given me another gift that I didn't want. ;)
ps--I want a gift from Genesis...girlfriend got it going on...xoxo

Angelia... said...

I feel you, I used to get some unbelievable gifts...whew...and G-Nice seems to make amazing gifts...I want one too...


Gwyneth Bolton said...

Everyone who knows and loves me knows that a gift certificate to a bookstore is the ultimate gift. I can't get enough of them. :-)


Angelia... said...

I know what you mean, book and coffee gift certs are my faves...fa la la la la...


JC Martin said...

I only had ine bad gift given to me, and that was an Emeril Lagasse cookbook. I still have the book and maybe one day I will use it, but I have had it for over five years. I always put a lot of time in my card selections and this I know because I do it and have been told that I do it. I am simpe to please anything Betty Boop that way you can't go wrong ever.

Angelia... said...

BAAAAAAAAAAAAM. sorry I was channeling Emeril...too funny...Betty Boop hmmmm, I am a collector also, other than books, I love clocks and the three monkeys, See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil...