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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This morning one of my friends told me he was done with dating,
He is in his mid-fifties,
Been married twice and serially dated for the past seven years and he is done,
I didn’t say a word,
I wanted to know where this was going,
And I stay quiet,
Cause I like all the details,
And I knew the history,
The writer in me, I guess…
He finally looked at Dr. A,
Waiting for her answer,
I weighed what I was going to say,
Because I know him and he has a tendency to fall for the women,
Who ‘NEED’ him,
Then one day he discovers that his needs aren’t being met,
Also he is one of those NICE guys…
You know the ones women always say they want,
But run off from as soon as a bad boy gives ‘em the time of day,
Don’t look at me like that,
You know I’m as right as rain,
So finally I said,
‘Okay, maybe you do need a break, give yourself some time to be alone…’
I am stalling…and he knows it,
He finally says,
“The reason I come to you is for the truth…”
Well okay…
So I tell him in no uncertain terms,
That he is always looking for the cutie with ‘special needs’…
That his focus needs to be on reciprocity and that he really should take the time to
Get to know these people before he is moving ‘em in with him,
And if he wants conversations he needs to find a conversationalist,
He looked at me and we both laughed a bit,
He knew I was right…
But I felt his pain,
Because what I know for sure is that no matter how accomplished we are,
How much money we have,
How great our jobs are,
How we are inclined,
Most of us want to be coupled,
We want love and to be loved,
We want to need and be needed,
Want and be wanted,
I also knew that he would get out there again,
And probably do the same things he has always done,
That is life…
And on those days Dr. A,
Will listen…




'Cilla said...

Isn't funny how we know what we want but continue with the same pattern/make/model? I think it has become easy to complain and whine about it then to actually listen and wait for what the Creator has planned and created for you.... ;-)

Angelia... said...

For Real, For Real...


shelia said...

Angelia, your friend sounds like so many singles--but as you stated, he'll dust himself off and get back out there again. To get out of his rut, he's going have to make better choices...or else, he'll be having the same conversation with you again a year from now.

Angelia... said...

he knows it, probably better than I do, but he is attracted to a type and it gets him caught up every time...I don't think it will take a year though...