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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not In Love Anymore...

I was texting a friend today and it hit me,
I have fallen out of love,
Out of love with the online experience,
After over three years of checking my inbox all day, everyday,
It hit me, the thrill is gone,
Not sure why,
It occurred to me a couple months ago when many of the sights,
I once frequented were closed off at work,
And that is where I communicated from mostly,
By the time I got home,
I wanted to chill and spend Q time with my honey,
Life is so short,
So one day I realized that the time I spent online had decreased, exponentially and I wasn’t missing it a great deal…
What I did miss was some of the people that I communicated with,
But for many others I had already become persona-non-grata,
Because what I discovered is that if you don’t sign on everyday or respond to every missive, or agree with everything,
It doesn’t take long before folks move on,
As it should be I am left to assume,
But what I was ultimately left with is more time to do face time,
With folks I had been straight up neglecting,
And it allowed me to respond to those things that appealed to me and ignore those that didn’t,
Which ultimately was a stress reliever,
Maybe the love will come back one day,
And I can have an affair with it,
But I won’t marry it again,



Dera Williams said...

I love your play on words with this piece. Good thoughts. I know sometimes when I am off work, and forget about checking my email. Interesting.

S.D. Denny said...

Angelia, I came by to check you out. After reading this I'm thinking hard about how my passions were altered when they became bullet points in my daily routine or requirements to a goal I set or an agreement I made. Your blog has a way of taking me to another level:-)

Angelia... said...

Thanks Lady Dera,

Sister, I always try to take you there...:)